Mosul Iraq’s ‘Most Dangerous City’ For Christians

Mosul is now one of the most violent cities in Iraq with Christians and other minorities singled out for attacks and thousands continue to flee from the troubled nation, a Christian group said Thursday, August 16.

China: Officials Reach out to House Churches; Raids, Arrest Continue

In recent months Chinese officials have attempted to build bridges with the Protestant house church movement even as police raided more unregistered congregations, arrested Christian leaders and forced at least 400 college students to swear they would stop attending such worship services.

Why TBN’s Paul Crouch Does Not Understand China

Paul Crouch got it wrong. In fact, Christian leaders only get it that wrong once or twice a decade. The last time a Christian leader visited China and swallowed and disgorged official propaganda so obligingly for his Chinese hosts was Dr. George Carey, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, in September 1994.

Offices of Bible Distribution Workers Raided by Turkish Police

ISTANBUL, TURKEY (ANS) — Christian workers in Istanbul, Turkey, who distribute Bibles and New Testaments in the Turkish language, have had their offices raided by police and are currently under investigation by local authorities.

Bible Distribution In Turkey Reaches New Heights

ISTANBUL, TURKEY (January 9, 2001) — In 10 months of the year 2000, over 18,000 people have phoned, written, or e-mailed in for a free 2000 Turkish New Testament, according to a Bible distributor in Turkey, “the largest unreached nation in the world.”

Open Doors Challenges Claims of Religious Freedom in China

When millions of Chinese evangelicals gather for services in their homeland, the worship is rarely music to the ears. Forget the last minute sound checks, voice warm-ups, or instrument tuning. This worship is music to the heart.

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