Land of the Pyramids Hinders Christian Outreach

Inescapably intertwined with Bible history, Egypt and much of her history has had great impact over the years on Judaism, then Christianity. From Joseph being appointed as second-in-command to Pharaoh, to Moses leading the Jews through the wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula, to the infant Jesus and His family seeking refuge, the stories are familiar to us. Egypt’s recorded history dates back to 3200 BC. This land that straddles parts of two continents–Africa and Asia–rose to world wide prominence as a series of Pharaohs who ruled the Land of the Nile oversaw incredible feats of engineering that resulted in the … Read more

Iraq’s Long-Suffering Christian Community

For many Western Christians, the mention of “Iraq” gives rise to mental images of Saddam Hussein and the Gulf War. Few realize that there are Christians in Iraq and that those Christians have arguably suffered more from the U.N. sanctions imposed after the 1991 war than from government oppression.

China’s House Churches Under Renewed Pressure

Thirty-five house church Christians were arrested in Inner Mongolia and 15 were sent to labor camps after police raided a worship meeting being held on May 26 in Dongsheng, the Associated Press reported on May 30.

Newsweek cover story on evil lacks biblical view, Mohler points out

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)–What makes a bomber strike, or a mom kill her kids?

Newsweek magazine asked that question recently for a cover story analyzing the nature and the root of evil. Its answer, though, fell short of a biblical definition of sin, R. Albert Mohler Jr. said during a nationwide broadcast of the radio program “Janet Parshall’s America” May 18.

Massive Crackdown Against Vietnam’s Highland Christians

HO CHI MINH, Vietnam (Compass) — There has been a long history of persecution of minority Christians in Vietnam’s Western Highlands, where churches have largely had to operate underground since the communist takeover in 1975.

Brunei Christians Suffer For Government ‘Cult’ Fears

Details emerging from recent detentions and interrogations of Christians in Brunei point to a growing government concern that the growth of “cults” in this predominately-Muslim nation could lead to political and religious instability.

Martyrdom of Liu Haitao Confirmed in China

On October 16, 2000, twenty-one-year-old Liu Haitao from Henan province in central China died as the result of severe police beatings. Although the immediate cause of his death was a kidney ailment that flared up after police mistreatment and a harsh imprisonment, there is no question his death was the result of his witness for Christ, which makes him a martyr for the faith. Local Christians in the area plan to observe October 16 as a memorial day to the life of the young Christian.

First Uzbek Edition of Proverbs Published in Tashkent

ISTANBUL, April 5 (Compass) — An Uzbekistan government official publicly hailed the Bible as “a priceless source of knowledge” during a March ceremony marking the first local publication of an Uzbek edition of Proverbs.

Southern Baptists ending talks with Roman Catholics

ATLANTA (ABP) — Southern Baptist leaders have informed the Roman Catholic Church that they are cutting off official conversations between the two groups that have been going off and on for 30 years.

American Aviators Aren’t Alone: Chinese Christians Held Hostage

The continued detention of 24 American aviators by the Chinese government should come as no surprise to Washington.

“The Chinese government is demonstrating its true color and unfortunately that color is Red,” says The Voice of the Martyrs spokesman Gary Lane.

Groups release guidelines on churches using tax funds

WASHINGTON (ABP) — Launching a major effort to educate churches about the perils of taking tax dollars for social-service ministries, the Baptist Joint Committee and the Interfaith Alliance released a guide March 13 that will be distributed to 20,000 houses of worship.

Persecution of Christians Growing in the United States

More Christians died for their faith in the twentieth century than at any other time in history, says Christian Solidarity International. Global reports indicate that over 150,000 Christians were martyred last year, chiefly outside of the United States. However, statistics are changing: persecution of Christians is on the increase in the United States. What’s happening to bring about this change?

Bush Government Retreats: The American Embassy Will Not Be Move to Jerusalem

Thus says the Lord: I have returned to Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem

Yesterday (February 5, 2001) the American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, retreated from Bush’s campaign promise to start moving the Embassy of the United States from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. President Bush had promised that his first step on taking office would be to move the Embassy.

Fears Grow That China Will Class House Churches as Cults

Authorities Urged to Determine Whether Cults are ‘Harmful to Society’ by Alex Buchan LONDON (Compass) — The Chinese government sponsored an International Symposium on Evil Cults in Beijing November 8-10 that urged local authorities not to inquire too closely into the beliefs of accused cults. Instead, authorities were encouraged to assess whether they are “harmful to society” — a catch-all criterion that some house church leaders fear could lead to their own movements being classed as cults. Nearly 60 academics from all over the world attended the Beijing Symposium, and it was full of predictable denunciation of the Chinese folk … Read more

Commissioner of Corrections Praises Prison Fellowship encourages involvement

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA (October 30, 2000) — Sheryl Ramstad Hvass, the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, recently praised “faith-based” organizations, such as Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship, in helping to reduce recidivism rates among the inmate population in the nation’s prisons.

On Cults, Leaders and Politics in China

Letters from Chinese Christians Detail Local Problems and Persecution ANHUI “Here we only have one registered church, which is packed out with people standing in the courtyard. However, since the church was opened, none of the accounts listing all the believers’ donations have ever been made public to them. The pastor has dismissed several Christians who originally were responsible for the finances. He also hands over the donations to the Religious Affairs Bureau to use. Not long ago, several elderly believers formed a church, but the Three Self pastor asked the Religious Affairs Bureau not to grant them a license … Read more

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