California introduces bill that legalizes infanticide

In a move that pro-life groups have decried as legalizing infanticide, California has introduced a bill that would absolve parents and medical staff of any criminal or civil liability for the death of a newborn baby in their care, even if the cause of death is suspicious, Christian Headlines reports. The hearing for a similar bill in Maryland was recently canceled after a public outcry.

Ohio Governor signs “Born-Alive” bill into law

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) has signed into law Senate Bill 157, the “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act,” which requires doctors to provide life-saving treatment to babies born alive after an attempted abortion or face criminal charges, the Hill reports.

Massachusetts expands late-term abortion rights, gives doctors discretion on saving babies born alive during abortion

Massachusetts House and Senate lawmakers approved a highly controversial bill Tuesday, substantially expanding access to late-term abortions and removing a law mandating doctors to try and save babies born alive during abortions. The H.B. 5179 bill also lowers the age at which young women can have an abortion without parental consent from 18 to 16.

North Carolina House fails to override veto of pro-life bill

Pro-life lawmakers in the North Carolina House of Representatives failed to muster enough votes to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act on Wednesday. The measure would have created civil and criminal penalties for abortionists who fail to offer the same care to babies born alive after botched abortions as they would to other patients. Cooper, a Democrat, vetoed the bill on April 18, calling it ‘an unnecessary interference between doctors and their patients.’

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