Biden Under Fire Over Abortion Remarks

U.S. President Joe Biden faces condemnation from leading Republicans “protecting the unborn” after he urged Congress to end “extreme abortion bans.”

Hindus Attack Catholic Church In India; Several Injured

A tense calm has returned to the Narayanpur district of India’s landlocked state of Chhattisgarh where more than 1,000 villagers, including suspected Hindu extremists, attacked a Catholic church injuring several people, Worthy News learned.

Monk Kidnapped By Islamists Elected Bishop

A Syriac Catholic monk and priest who was kidnapped in Syria by militants of the Islamic State (IS) group has been elected Archbishop of Homs, the Vatican confirmed Tuesday.

Former Pope Benedict XVI Dies At 95

Former Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned as pontiff citing poor health, has died at his Vatican residence, aged 95, the Vatican said Saturday. He died almost a decade after he stood down.

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