U.S. National Guard Preparing For Cyberwar

The U.S. National Guard is preparing for cyber warfare amid concerns about possible attacks on critical infrastructure in the United States, Worthy News learned.

Microsoft hack heralds new era of mass-scale cyberwar

Last week’s discovery of a massive new cyberattack that targeted flaws in Microsoft’s Exchange Server indicates the world has entered into the age of mass-scale cyberwar, Axios reports. The Microsoft hack affected some 30,000 small businesses and organizations in the US and many more globally, and follows the SolarWinds massive hack in December.

US senators unveil Russia sanctions bill after intel report

Several US senators including Republicans critical of President-elect Donald Trump’s skepticism of alleged Kremlin-ordered hacking joined forces Tuesday to introduce sanctions against Russia for interfering in the US election.

Entire US national security system possibly compromised by year-long cyber-assault

The prolonged hacking into the White House Office of Personnel Management, which put the personal information of at least some 21.5 million past and current federal employees in jeopardy, is only the beginning of the security threat to the Obama Administration and its successors, a number of top-level experts in cybersecurity have told Fox News. The attack has been frequently sourced as coming from China.

New E-Mail Virus Plugs Palestinian Cause

A nondestructive e-mail virus sent around the world yesterday to trumpet the cause of the Palestinians could lead to an escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian cyber-war, computer security experts said Tuesday.

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