Christians Rush To Halt Ebola Outbreak In Africa

Christian aid workers are rushing to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to east and southern Africa after an outbreak of Ebola, the highly deadly contagious disease that has already killed scores of people in recent weeks.

WHO Declares Monkeypox Global Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the monkeypox outbreak a “global emergency,” raising the prospect of tighter health measures.

Democrats in Decline: Poll Finds 14 Point Swing in Party ID Since Biden Took Office

President Joe Biden’s first year in office has been a disaster of epic proportions. Afghanistan and the southern border? Disaster. His handling of the COVID-19 pandemic after promising to “shut down” the virus and hiring Ron “Ebola Czar” Klain as his chief of staff? Disaster. His decrepit disposition and the fact that Kamala Harris is a heartbeat away from power? You get the idea.

Top Israeli Doctor Says Ivermectin Could Help Treat COVID, Urges More Research

Professor Eli Schwartz is with the Sheba Medical Center in Israel, considered one of the world’s top hospitals. For decades, Prof. Schwartz has traveled the world fighting outbreaks like Dengue Fever and Ebola. He also began the Travel Medicine and Tropical Disease Institute at Sheba. At the beginning of the pandemic and months before any vaccine, Israel’s Defense Ministry assigned Schwartz to find a medical solution for COVID-19.

Congo Declares Second Outbreak of Ebola Virus

As the Democratic Republic of the Congo neared declaring an Ebola outbreak in its eastern provinces over, health officials on Monday announced a new cluster has emerged on the other side of the African nation.

Dutch Daily: ‘World Searching For Leader Amid Coronacrisis’

With roughly half the world in lockdown and many politicians weak or ill, the largest Dutch daily concludes in a headline: “World searching for LEADER.” De Telegraaf (The Telegraph) also expresses that “Nobody takes the lead in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.” Its commentator, Frank van Vliet, complained: “While the world is on fire, international politicians are running in one direction to put out their fire. No leader has taken the lead, and solidarity is lacking. They did not read author Alexander Dumas’ Three Musketeers because “one for all and all for one” has been replaced by “own people first.”

New outbreak of Ebola kills 17 in northwest DR Congo

Seventeen people in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have died from Ebola, the health ministry said on Tuesday, describing the fresh outbreak as a ‘public health emergency with international impact.’

Doctor Diagnosed with Ebola in New York City

A Doctors Without Borders physician who recently returned to New York from West Africa has tested positive for the Ebola virus, becoming the first diagnosed case in the city.

CDC Confirms First Case of Ebola in U.S.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that a person in Dallas definitely has the Ebola virus. Tuesday’s official determination makes the patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas the first diagnosed Ebola case in the United States.

Obama To Deploy 3,000 Troops to Fight Ebola

President Barack Obama on Tuesday called West Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak a looming threat to global security and announced a major expansion of the U.S. role in trying to halt its spread, including deployment of 3,000 troops to the region.

Ebola Threatens West Africa, Airlines Halt Flights

As Ebola continues to threaten West Africa, officials claim it will take up to six months to contain the outbreak. Liberian authorities have now quarantined entire villages it claims is the ‘epicenter’ of the virus and expanded its Ebola treatment centers throughout its capital of Monrovia. Meanwhile, two more airlines halted flights to the capitals of Liberia and Sierra Leone. The World Health Organization admitted the official death toll of 1,145 in the region “vastly underestimates the magnitude of the outbreak.”

Full Coverage: Ebola Virus Outbreak

The Ebola virus death toll is nearing 900 as more than 100 health workers have been infected by the disease, which has no known cure, including two doctors working for Samaritan’s purse.

Ebola: Hunt Continues for Potential 30,000 ‘victims’ of Outbreak (Video)

Five days ago American Patrick Sawyer, 40, died of Ebola. However, days before his death he visited four airports and those in contact with him in Nigeria’s capital Lagos airport may be at risk spreading the disease globally. Now the hunt is on for 30,000 people who may be hosting the organism which kills 60 percent of its sufferers.

WHO can’t deal with Ebola Outbreak

International health officials warned Thursday that recent budget cuts have impeded the ability of the World Health Organization to respond to the Ebola outbreak that has killed at least 603 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the L.A. Times reported.

Ebola Outbreak Worst on Record

The recent Ebola outbreak is the worst on record as its reached into the capitals of three countries in West Africa.

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