Trump to demand Congress cut $15B in Spending Cuts in ‘rescission’ package

(Worthy News) - President Trump wants to do even more to limit the spending side of the budget, the White House told Congress. He said he will send up a $15 billion 'rescissions' package on Tuesday and challenge lawmakers to cut money that has been sitting unspent in accounts across the government.

Among the 38 cuts he will propose are $4.3 billion in a vehicle technology loan program, $800 million from an Obamacare payment pilot program and more than $200 million that the Obama administration earmarked for the Ebola outbreak that dissipated years ago.

The administration said it is the largest single rescission package any president has ever submitted and would be the first rescissions-only White House proposal to clear Congress in nearly 20 years. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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