Hungarians: ‘Don’t Make Quoting Bible A Crime’

Thousands of Hungarian Christians rallied Sunday near Finland’s embassy in Budapest against the “hate speech” trial of two prominent Finns who publicly quoted the Bible on homosexuality.

Hungarians Protest Trial Of Christian Finnish Leaders

Hungarians will rally at Finland’s embassy in Budapest against the trial of two Finnish Christian leaders who may face jail for sharing Biblical views on homosexuality, organizers say.

Illinois school district approves ‘Satan Club’ for elementary school children

An Illinois school board has approved members of The Satanic Temple to lead an extracurricular “After School Satan Club” for elementary school children, Christian Headlines (CH) reports. The Satan Club was approved by the Moline-Coal Valley School District Board of Education on January 10 and is now being held on school premises at Jane Addams Elementary in Moline.

China Christians Face Tough New Year

Devoted Christians in China were looking towards the New Year on Friday with little reason to cheer amid concerns the Communist government will continue a crackdown on worship outside state churches.

Report shows 70% increase in hate crimes against Christians in Europe

A new study shows that hate crimes against Protestants and Catholics increased by 70% in Europe last year, the Christian Post (CP) reports. The Observatory on Intolerance Against Christians in Europe (OIDAC) presented its report amid concerns about an ongoing decline in religious, parental, and conscience freedoms for European Christians.

Egypt: Teachers attack Coptic Christian students in school

The headmaster and other teachers at the Al-Thawra school in Upper Egypt’s Minya Governorate earlier this month ordered their Coptic Christian students to remove any jewelry with a cross, and then beat them, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

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