Iranian Christians Face Death Penalty In Iran

Two Iranian Christians from Muslim backgrounds may receive the death penalty on charges of apostasy, according to prosecution documents published Tuesday, September 9.

Indonesia: Students Demand Safe Return to College

For a second consecutive night some 580 students from the Arastamar Evangelical School of Theology (SETIA) in East Jakarta slept in the lobby of Indonesia’s parliament yesterday following demonstrations against the school that left at least 17 students injured.

Jordan Expels More Foreign Christians

Jordan has expelled another group of foreign Christians for their alleged involvement in mission activities, including an Egyptian pastor with the Assemblies of God church in the city of Madaba – one of five evangelical denominations registered with the government, a Christian news agency reported Tuesday, February 26.

Egypt: Tempers Flare into Melee at Convert’s Hearing

An Egyptian judge is scheduled to rule next week on the case of a Muslim-born convert to Christianity whose court hearing threatened to turn into a brawl earlier this month, the convert’s lawyer said.

China House Church Christians Sue Authorities Amid Police Crackdown

Chinese Christians are suing authorities to regain items confiscated during a recent police raid on their congregation in China’s Jiangsu Province amid reports of an ongoing police crackdown on unregistered house churches, religious rights investigators said Wednesday, May 9.

Ethiopia Muslim Militants Kill Evangelist; More Violence Feared

An Ethiopian evangelist was beaten to death by militant Muslims as he and two young women were evangelizing in the Ethiopian city of of Jimma, and there were fears the incident could spark widespread violence against Christian believers, Christian rights investigators said Thursday, March 29.

Eritrea: Christian Dies in Military Jail

An Eritrean Christian died in prison last week, four and a half years after the Eritrean regime jailed him for worshipping in a banned Protestant church.

India: Hindu Extremists Beat Four Pastors

Seven youths beat Pastor Robert Kennedy of Bangalore in Karnataka state on Sunday (January 7), after asking him to “pray for a sick friend.” The pastor required 16 stitches to his head and back after the assault.

Colombia Mother Of Four “Murdered” For Evangelizing

Leftist rebels in Colombia’s Meta Province hired a gunman to assassinate a Christian mother of four because she refused to stop proclaiming Christ, Christian rights investigators confirmed Friday, July 28.

Anti Christian Violence Feared In India State Amid New Legislation

There was concern Saturday, July 29 over the situation of the Christian minority in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh amid fears the government’s decision to strengthen controversial anti-conversion legislation will further encourage violence against Christians.

Mob Stones Woman to Death for Evangelizing

Church leaders here said Muslim extremists overwhelmed police officers providing refuge for an unidentified Christian woman in this town in Niger state on June 28 and stoned and clubbed her to death for doing street evangelism.

Egyptian Christian Captured at Libyan Border

A Coptic Christian secretly married to a woman convert from Islam was arrested for the second time last week while trying to leave Egypt for Canada.

Red Cross Visits Christian Workers Faced With Execution

Members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have visited in Kabul eight Western and Sixteen Afghan aid workers, who face possible execution for allegedly spreading Christianity in war ravaged Afghanistan. The Sunday visit was the first contact the prisoners had with the outside world, since being detained three weeks ago under the Taliban regime’s strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Speakers at NAE meeting discuss ‘charitable choice’

DALLAS (ABP) — Social-service programs that seek to evangelize their clients will not qualify for direct federal grants, the head of President Bush’s White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives told a gathering of conservative Christian leaders.

Businessmen From South Dakota Broadcast Programs to Mongolia

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA (ANS) — A unique group of South Dakotans has been reaching out by broadcast television to the people of Mongolia.
The AMONG Foundation (American MONGolian) started in 1991 as a random group of Christian business people who came together to pray for the country of Mongolia, which was just then coming out of Communism.

Indian Tribes Form Alliance To Evangelize All the Tribes of the Amazon Basin

FILADELFIA, AMAZONAS, BRAZIL (ANS) – Ticuna missionary Eli Leao, executive head of OMITTAS, the Ticuna tribal missionary organization, announced the formation of an agreement between OMITTAS and the Matses pastors of Peru, to launch a joint effort to evangelize all the “wild” Indians of the Javary Rover valley, the divide between Brazil and Peru in the remotest part of the Amazon jungles.

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