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Businessmen From South Dakota Broadcast Programs to Mongolia

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By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent
April 26, 2001

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA (ANS) -- A unique group of South Dakotans has been reaching out by broadcast television to the people of Mongolia.
The AMONG Foundation (American MONGolian) started in 1991 as a random group of Christian business people who came together to pray for the country of Mongolia, which was just then coming out of Communism.

They were encouraged to "adopt" Mongolia for Christ by Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. This group of 25-30 people helped finance the translation of the Jesus Film into Mongolian.

"In early 1992, 23 of these South Dakotans traveled to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city, for the premier of the newly-translated Jesus film. They were the first 'business' delegation to visit the country from the West. This group gave a number of seminars in the areas of banking, soil management, business management, business start-up, and free market concepts. They were very well received by their Mongolian hosts," said Steve Posey, executive director.

Upon their return these Americans continued to pray for the people of Mongolia and the numerous missionaries that were then arriving in this newly opened country, he said. "Their many contacts there continued to maintain communication. A number of humanitarian shipments were made, including vegetable seeds, basic medical supplies, etc."

Posey said: "The purpose of the mission has always been that The AMONG Foundation has been called first to Mongolia to win the hearts and minds of the Mongolian people to Jesus Christ through acts of humanitarian service, being a servant to existing ministries already working in Mongolia, and the television broadcast opportunities that will open new doors to the people.

"Its primary goal is to communicate the love of Jesus Christ to the Mongolian people. Their culture has never had the opportunity (until 1992) to hear the clear message of the Gospel in its almost 4,000-year history. A secondary goal is to help the Mongolian people move from the Communist centrally-planned economy to a free market driven one. The Eagle TV station helps in both areas," said Posey.

AMONG has also sent a number of experienced businesspersons to Mongolia since 1992 to help by offering seminars in business-oriented subjects. "The people have responded very openly and affirmatively to the programming on Eagle TV which communicates the truths of the Gospel," said Posey.

Eagle TV is a joint venture between the AMONG Foundation and a Mongolian partnership comprised of four individuals. The television station broadcasts CNN news, local/national news, family-friendly series such as "The Waltons" and "Touched By An Angel," sports (local and national), and Christian programming. "We are the most-watched news in the country. Our family series are also very closely followed," said Posey.

"Eagle TV attempts to use its Christian programming to reach the entire age and cultural spectrum of Mongolian society. Given that almost 75 percent of the people are under the age of 30, most of the Christian programs have some relevance to the youth that watch. We have also attempted to have an impact on families through the Christian programs," Posey said.

In 1997 Eagle TV broadcast the NBA playoffs and finals (a first-time event in the country). Each game was accompanied by the play-by-play of a Mongolian sports broadcaster. Commercial breaks included the testimonies of American NBA basketball players who are Christian believers.

"Hundreds contacted the station to receive the free New Testament and evangelistic booklet that were offered with each game. At the same time, a team of eight American college players were in the city giving basketball clinics in which a presentation of the Gospel was of Mongolian believers who give their testimonies on our station," said Posey.

"We have been allowing them to speak (as part of the commercial time of two family programs) for the past year. Each month about 400-500 people call our Call In Center seeking more information as a result of these testimonies. Each month of the last six months over 100 people have indicated a decision for Christ in response to these broadcasts," he said.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Businessmen From South Dakota Broadcast Programs to Mongolia

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Businessmen From South Dakota Broadcast Programs to Mongolia