Is A Vote For Gore A Vote For The Antichrist?

Let me state flatly that I do not believe Al Gore is the Antichrist. But millions of conservatives around the world, religious and non-religious, are concerned with the United Nations earth-centered one-world environmentalism supported by such as he. Al Gore has suggested that his resume makes him better prepared for the White House than Bill Clinton was in 1992. Apocalyptically speaking, he may be right. Gore’s resume, especially as outlined in his book Earth in the Balance, contributes to an ominous, if not prophetic, global vision of the near future.

Many people believe that, before long, a man of superior intelligence, wit, charm, and diplomacy, will emerge on the world scene as a savior. He will seemingly possess a transcendent wisdom that enables him to solve problems and offer solutions to many of today’s most perplexing issues. His popularity will be widespread, and his fans will include young and old, religious and non-religious, male and female. Talk show hosts will interview his colleagues, news anchors will cover his movements, scholars will applaud his uncanny ability at resolving what has escaped the rest of us, and the poor will bow down at his table. He will, in every human way, appeal to the best idea of society. But his profound comprehension and irresistible presence will be the result of an invisible network of thousands of years of collective knowledge. He will, like the pharaohs of Egypt, represent the embodiment of a very old and super-intelligent spirit. Just as Jesus Christ was the “seed of the woman” (Gen. 3:15), he will be the “seed of the serpent.” Although his arrival in the form of a man was foretold by numerous Scriptures, the broad masses of the world will not recognize him as paganism’s ultimate incarnation, the “beast” of Revelation 13:1.

It’s been assumed for centuries that a prerequisite for such a man (Antichrist) will be a “revived” world order, an umbrella under which national boundaries dissolve, and ethnic groups, ideologies, religions, and economics from around the world, orchestrate a single and dominant sovereignty. Such a system will supposedly be free of religious and political extremes, and membership will tolerate the philosophical and cultural differences of its constituents. Except for minor nonconformities, war, intolerance, and hunger will be a thing of the past.

At the head of the utopian administration, a single personality will surface. He will appear to be a man of distinguished character, but will ultimately become “a king of fierce countenance” (Dan. 8:23). With imperious decree he will facilitate a one-world government, universal religion, and global socialism. Those who refuse his New World Order will inevitably be imprisoned or destroyed, until at last he exalts himself “above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thess. 2:4).

For many years the idea of an Orwellian society, where a one-world government oversees the smallest details of our lives and where human liberties are abandoned, was considered anathema. The concept that rugged individualism could be sacrificed for an anesthetized universal harmony was repudiated by America’s greatest minds. Then, in the 1970’s, things began to change. Following a call by Nelson Rockefeller for the creation of a “New World Order,” presidential candidate Jimmy Carter campaigned, saying, “We must replace balance of power politics with world order politics.” Evidently he struck a chord with world leaders.


During the 1980’s President George Bush continued the one-world dirge by announcing over national television that “a New World Order” had arrived. Following the initial broadcast, President Bush addressed the Congress and made the additional comment:

What is at stake is more than one small country [Kuwait], it is a big idea–a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle, and worthy of our children’s future!

Ever since the President’s astonishing newscast, a parade of political and religious leaders, like those who made up the UN Millennium Assembly, have discharged a profusion of New Age rhetoric aimed at implementing the goals of a New World Order. Al Gore agrees with this leadership and in his book Earth in the Balance, wrote, “we must all become partners in a bold effort to change the very foundation of our civilization.” What’s scary is that people like Gore envision a cloudy mixture of New Age mysticism and global socialism.

Samantha Smith, in her excellent book Goddess Earth, describes Gore’s advocacy of a New World Order as one “who would strip America of its progress and industry, incorporate population control, establish an international police guard to enforce compliance of international laws on the environment, and lead a battalion of interfaith advocates in earth stewardship–rationing the ‘sacred’ earth’s resources.”

As Smith observes, the political ambitions of the New World Order are syncretistic with the spiritual goals of the New Age Movement. The blending of politics and spirituality, such as occurs in Gore-brand New Age mysticism, harmonizes perfectly with the ideas of an end-time marriage of governmental policy and religious creed as was prophesied in the Bible. To that end, concepts necessary for paganism’s ultimate incarnation, the Antichrist (Satan in flesh), are focusing.


In his book, The New World Order, one time presidential candidate Pat Robertson foresaw the strategy of the coming world leader played out in the following way:

It is as if a giant plan is unfolding, everything perfectly on cue. Europe sets the date for its union. Communism collapses. A hugely popular war is fought in the Middle East. The United Nations is rescued from scorn by an easily swayed public. A new world order is announced. Christianity has been battered in the public arena, and New Age religions are in place in the schools and corporations, and among the elite. Then a financial collapse accelerates the move toward a world money system.

The United States turns its defense requirements over to the United Nations, along with its sovereignty. The United Nations severely limits property rights and clamps down on all Christian evangelism and Christian distinctives under the Declaration of the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religious Belief already adopted by the General Assembly. Then the New Age religion of humanity becomes official, and the new world order leaders embrace it. Then they elect a world president with plenary powers who is totally given to the religion of humanity.

Assuming the scenario above is correct, who will be enthroned as President of Mother Earth? A United Nations leader? Lord Maitreia? A resurrected John F. Kennedy? I do not know. But an ancient scheme is unfolding. At the core of the conspiracy a leader of indescribable brutality is scheduled to appear. He will make the combined depravities of Antiochus Epiphenes, Hitler, Stalin, and Genghis Khan, all of whom were types of the antichrist, look like child’s play. He will raise his fist, speaking great things “in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven” (Rev. 13:5-6).

The Antichrist will champion worship of earth centered deities and ancient mystery religions, Biblically described as “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev. 18:2). Reminiscent of Dionysus and Demeter worship (in which the Greek god Pan, a consort of Dionysus, was famous for his pandemonium [“all the devils”]), the coming world religion will be similar to the Mystery cult in that those who reject the will of the New Age god-king will ultimately be destroyed.

If elected, the timing of Al Gore’s Presidency coupled with the United Nations call for a Universal Religion and a New World Order is prophetically staggering. Will such ultimately lead to the reign of Antichrist? Time will tell. Until then:

The mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders (2 Thess. 2:7-9).

Copyright © 2000 Thomas Horn

By Thomas Horn

Special Thanks from Worthy News to Thomas Horn for this excellent article.

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