Is Israel Indiscriminately Killing in Gaza? Data says No

While protests around the world condemned Israel's "indiscriminate" killing of civilians, the hard data does not support their assessment. In the latest figures coming from Gaza, a disproportionate number of men ages 20 to 29 -- which represent a mere 9 percent of the population, represented nearly 35 percent of those killed in the Gaza Strip over the past month. At the same time, 725 men were killed compared to 214 women.

Israel Agrees to Extend Ceasefire; Hamas Vows to Renew Fighting

Israel has reportedly agreed to extend the current ceasefire in Gaza Strip Wednesday as indirect Israel-Palestinian negotiations over extending a truce in Gaza got underway in Cairo. However, Hamas was quick to deny the reports, saying it will renew fire at Israel as soon as the current lull has ended, Ynet News reported. Meanwhile, EU powers proposed Gaza rehabilitation in exchange for disarmament.

Ceasefire Appears to Be Holding, Details Emerge as Journalists Leave Gaza (Video)

As journalists left the Gaza Strip more details emerged as television crews showed detailed footage of how Hamas assembled rockets and then fired them from residential areas just before a 72-hour ceasefire went into effect. Meanwhile, Israel-U.S. relations have hit a new low after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry haven't spoken since their short phone conversation last week was disconnected due to "communications problems". Lastly, Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said the U.S. and E.U. must "recognize" Hamas as a "legitimate political actor" in order to bring peace to the region.

Operation Protective Edge Enters 17th Day; Three IDF soldiers killed, 35 Terror Targets Hit

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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed 15 terrorists and took at least 150 terror suspects as prisoner in the Gaza Strip last night. The IDF death toll was raised to 32 as three IDF soldiers were killed overnight. A major tunnel network was discovered on Wednesday that contained maps and weapons for an imminent attack. Israel has discovered 31 tunnels so far, but has only destroyed nine saying it needs more time to dismantle the underground network.

Israel Dismantling 'Underground' Gaza

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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are waging war -- underground. As tunnels are uncovered on a daily basis, an underground Gaza has emerged complicating efforts in dismantling Hamas infrastructure. Tunnels stretching over 2.5 kilometers long, and costing an estimated $10 million dollars have been discovered and destroyed by the IDF. However, U.S. intelligence officials warn that Israel is underestimating the number and extent of the underground tunnel network.

13 Israeli Soldiers Killed Overnight, Hamas Defies Humanitarian Ceasefire

Thirteen Israeli soldiers, two of were U.S.-Israel dual citizens, from the Golani Brigade were killed in overnight fighting in the Gaza Strip. Sixty Hamas terrorists were killed in the overnight battle. On Sunday afternoon, Israel provided a ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to enter the region, and Hamas broke the ceasefire launching a barrage of rockets into Israel.