Oil pipeline disputes raise tensions between U.S. and Canada

Months after President Biden snubbed Canadian officials by canceling Keystone XL, an impending showdown over a second crude oil pipeline threatens to further strain ties between the two neighbors that were frayed during the Trump administration.

Antidepressants Found In Brains Of 10 Fish Species

Antidepressants are increasingly building up in the brains of several species of fish in the Great Lakes region. A new study claims scientists detected traces of antidepressants in large clusters, according to research from the University of Buffalo (UB). Bass and walleye fish are among the 10 affected species.

Somalia: Death Sentence For Those Not Praying

Christians involved in peacekeeping in Somalia urged the international community to intervene, as rival militias reportedly prepared for battled Saturday, July 8, in the troubled African nation’s capital Mogadishu.

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