‘Gaza problem won’t go away until we destroy Hamas’ terror ‎network’

The cycle of escalating violence across the Israel-Gaza border ‎will not be resolved until Israel completely destroys ‎Hamas’ and Islamic Jihad’s ‎terrorist infrastructure in the coastal enclave, Foreign Affairs and ‎Defense Committee Chairman MK Avi Dichter (Likud) told Israel ‎Hayom over the weekend. ‎

PA security forces expose Hamas’ top terror architects in West Bank

The Palestinian Authority’s security forces revealed on Wednesday the identities of senior Hamas operatives behind efforts to rehabilitate the group’s terrorist infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, chief among them Maher Obeid, the organization’s newly appointed military commander in the West Bank.

Survey: 60% of Palestinians support violent intifada against Israel

A new survey released by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah showed that a majority of Palestinian respondents support the current wave of terror stabbings and a violent intifada and oppose a two-state solution with Israel.

Full Coverage: Fears of ‘Third Intifada’ Beginning

As thousands of Palestinians laid to rest an East Jerusalem teenager, chants of “Intifada, Intifada” led to another night of riots that spread throughout Israel to surrounding towns outside of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Israel and terrorists in Gaza continued to exchange fire overnight as a supposed cease-fire was being brokered by Egypt.

Baptist Church in Bethlehem Declared Illegitimate By Palestinian Authority

Only a week after Prime Minister Salam Fayyad told a conference of evangelical Protestants that his government respected the rights of Christian minorities, his fellow Palestinian officials told Pastor Naim Khoury that his church could no longer operate as a religious institution under the Palestinian Authority.

Secret Documents Reveal Ethnic Cleansing of Christians in Iraq, Leader says

Secret documents show Saddam Hussein’s regime and local Kurdish leaders were involved in the “ethnic cleansing”, “gassing” and “Islamization” of Assyrian Christians in Northern Iraq, with international religious aid organizations refusing to intervene, an Assyrian official claimed Wednesday, August 4.

Christian Nurse Shot Dead at Lebanese Clinic

A female American missionary has been shot dead at a Christian heath clinic in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, according to the Reuters news agency.

Palestinian Christians: The Other Side of the Story

Some time ago I was invited to present a two-day seminar in a church about the Middle East conflict. During the course of those sessions, we used an abundance of scriptures, carefully presented in their context, to clearly explain why the land is God’s, that He entrusted it to Israel as a permanent possession, and what are the challenges of Islam. At the end of the two days, the senior Pastor told a couple in his church: “Well, I’d like to hear the Palestinian side…”

PA Media Charges Israel With Starving, Gassing Palestinians

Flush with the sense of a PLO victory at the Durban conference on racism, the official Palestine News Agency, Wafa, has been broadcasting a flurry of outlandish charges against Israel, including allegations of forced starvation and the use of poison gas.

Israel Turning Tide in International Arena

Israeli officials are pointing to several signs it is weathering well some of the key diplomatic battles being waged by the Palestinians in connection with the renewed intifada. In contrast, Palestinian Authority officials are claiming on Palestinian radio that the international community is on their side, they have embarrassed and defeated the Israeli army, and have controlled the political success or failure of both Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and his predecessor, Binyamin Netanyahu.

Marked Escalation in Palestinian Intifada

The renewed Palestinian intifada appears headed towards a new spiral of violence, as armed Palestinian factions are vowing to revenge Israeli hits on militia commanders and Fatah attempts to mark the anniversary of its founding. Meanwhile, Israelis are trying to act with restraint following the murder of a Jewish hard-liner on Sunday morning and yet another terrorist bombing inside Israel yesterday.

Saddam Holds Another Parade for Intifada

Resurgent Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein presided on Sunday over a massive military parade in Baghdad under the name of the “Al-Aqsa Call” and intended to show support for the Palestinian uprising.

Palestinians Vow No Let Up In Intifada

Though some detected a “lull” in the three-month-old intifada due to fatigue, Palestinians used gunfire and firebombs to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians throughout Judea/Samaria and Gaza in recent days, following pledges by militant groups to continue the armed struggle with Israel until their political goals are achieved.

Initifada Claims Arab Christian Soldier on Election Eve

Only hours before the Israeli Arab sector’s almost blanket boycott of the election for prime minister, an Arab Christian from Galilee was shot by Palestinian terrorists while serving in an IDF unit in southern Gaza.

Anti-Semites On The March Ahead Of Durban Conference

The prolonged Palestinian intifada continues to fuel a growing wave of anti-Semitism worldwide, as Jew haters are becoming ever more brazen in the build-up to the United Nations World Conference on Racism in Durban next week. The UN conference was originally designed as a forum to address the lingering ills of racial hatred, but has now become a rallying point for those who seek to vilify the Jewish people.

Powell Speech Injects New Urgency In Ending Intifada

In a highly-anticipated and carefully balanced foreign policy speech on the Israeli-Arab conflict on Monday, US Secretary of State Colin Powell sought to re-assert the American role in Middle East peace-making, reiterating the new Bush Administration line that it envisions a Palestinian state down the road, but stressing the first order of business is for the Palestinian Authority to stamp out terror, violence and incitement against Israel.

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