Pakistan Pastor Shot And Killed; Christians Mourn

Christians in Pakistan have been plunged into mourning after a 75-year-old pastor was shot and killed in the northwestern city of Peshawar amid rising Islamic extremism in the country.

Bulgaria Jails Two Men Over Bus Bombing Killing Israeli Tourists

A Bulgarian court sentenced two Islamic militants to life imprisonment without parole over a 2012 bus bombing that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian driver in an attack blamed on Lebanon’s Shi’ite Muslim group Hezbollah.

Iranian Christians Risk Their Lives to Help Neighbors in COVID-19 Crisis

Religious freedom group Open Doors USA has been told that Christians in Iran are risking their lives to help fellow citizens with food and hygiene parcels during the coronavirus outbreak, Fox News reported Thursday. Known internationally for its radical Islamic terrorism, Iran is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East.

Jewish-Christian Bible Bloc party approved by registrar

There will be a joint Jewish-Christian list that will run in the next general election, after the party registrar’s office recently approved the candidacy of a new party called The Bible Bloc Party (Gush Hatanachi in Hebrew.)

Islamic Glee

This is one of the most difficult reports I have ever written. I debated waiting a bit to send it out, due to the deep grieving that is still gripping my native land as decaying bodies are dug up from the rubble of the destroyed World Trade Center, and as people gather for a special national day of prayer. But it was precisely the day of prayer that led me to send this out now, so that it might play a role in some people’s intercession on this mournful day, and during the traumatic ones that lie ahead.

US Pressure Increases Terror Threat in Israel

Israeli security officials are warning that a major Islamic terrorist attack upon Israel, possibly on a similar scale to the calamities that struck New York and Washington, could be launched in the near future. Ironically, they say such a massive assault might be directly linked to the Bush administration’s worldwide anti-terrorist campaign.

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