'Islamic Emirate' Being Planned as ISIS Threatens Iraqi Water Supply

Opposition sources said ISIS, deemed the most powerful Al Qaida franchise in the Middle East, has captured a swathe of territory from the northern city of Aleppo to the Iraqi border. They said the corridor would enable a flow of fighters and weapons from Syria to Iraq. "We plan to establish an Islamic emirate in the Levant," ISIS commander Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi said.

Palestinian Diplomat in Morocco on the War in Iraq, Zionism, and Israel

MEMRI) -- On April 26, 2003, the Islamic website Islam Online (1) hosted Wasef Mansour, a diplomat with the Palestinian mission in Morocco, in an online discussion titled "What Israel Gains From the Occupation of Iraq." (2) During the discussion, Mansour held Israel responsible for the looting of museums and banks in Baghdad, called for Jihad against 'the occupiers' of Iraq, Palestine, and three cities under Spanish rule regarded by him as Moroccan, denied Israel's right to exist, and compared President George W. Bush to Hitler and other tyrannical leaders. The following are excerpts from Mansour's discussion with visitors to the website:

Seven Children Executed, 24 Enslaved During US State Department Visit to Sudan

On 20 November, the day after US Assistant Secretary of State Susan Rice's arrival in Marial Bai to meet with victims of slavery, the armed forces of the Government of Sudan executed seven black African school boys following a mid-morning slave raid on the nearby Guong Nowh Community Elementary School, according to Simon Wol, the Civil Commissioner of Aweil West County. Government soldiers also enslaved 24 other children, including six girls.