Deal with Iran Done Despite Detained Americans

While the United States and other world leaders reached an agreement with Iran about its nuclear program, the fate of Pastor Saeed Abedini and three other Americans trapped inside the Islamic Republic were not even addressed, according to International Christian Concern.

Obama’s U.N. plan backfires on Congress

President Obama’s attempt to outmaneuver Congress and win quick United Nations approval for the Iran nuclear agreement is backfiring on him in Congress, and could further erode support among key players.

Iran Bans U.S. Inspectors from All Nuclear Sites

U.S. and Iranian officials confirmed Thursday that no American nuclear inspectors will be permitted to enter the country’s contested nuclear site under the parameters of a deal reached with world powers this week, according to multiple statements by American and Iranian officials.

Obama Lashes Out at Nuke Critics

President Barack Obama lashed out at critics, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who argue that a recently inked nuclear agreement with Iran does little to rein in the rogue regime’s ability to construct a bomb, during a press conference Wednesday.

Israel warns of Iran’s continued nuclear R&D, problematic inspection

An Israeli government official said Tuesday evening that “According to the agreement, Iran can be warned up to 24 days before being visited by inspectors. It’s as if police who want to raid a drug lab would give the criminals 24 days warning — it is inconceivable.”

Nuclear Deal has been Reached with Iran

A landmark Iran nuclear agreement was reached Tuesday after clearing final obstacles, and a senior diplomat said it included a compromise between Washington and Tehran that would allow U.N. inspectors to press for visits to Iranian military sites as part of their monitoring duties.

Israel Will Not Accept a Reality Dictated by Iran

At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei and Iranian President Rouhani, saying, “The ruler of Iran, Khamenei, was quoted as saying the U.S. must be fought, regardless of whether there is a [nuclear] agreement. The president of Iran, Rouhani, led a hate march in the streets of Tehran in which U.S. and Israeli flags were burned and many chanted ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel.’

After Major U.S. Concessions, Iran deal ‘done,’ Israeli report says

A deal has been reached between the world powers and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program after a series of major American concessions, Ehud Yaari, the Middle East affairs commentator for Israel’s Channel 2 television, said Friday night. “It is done. It is done,” he said, and will be signed “early next week.”

Iran Talks Set to Miss Second Deadline in Vienna

World powers were set Tuesday to miss yet another deadline to nail down an elusive nuclear deal ending a 13-year standoff with Iran, despite hours of difficult top-level negotiations.

Iran Stalls With West As Its Nuclear Program Develops

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani told the visiting head of the UN nuclear watchdog said Tehran’s long-range missile program will not be discussed as part of talks aimed at resolving a decade-long nuclear dispute. Meanwhile, Iran’s foreign minister did not believe a final-status agreement would be made with the West by the time the next deadline comes in four months.

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