US Firms Advertise In Child Abuse Tweets

Several US-based firms are suspending marketing campaigns or removing ads from social media giant Twitter after it was discovered that they appeared near tweets soliciting child pornography.

Hungary Says Anti-LGBT Law Protects Children

Hungary’s conservative government says a new law prohibiting sharing with minors any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment is linked to its fight against pedophilia.

California Supreme Court: Nonviolent sex offenders may be eligible for early parole

The California Supreme Court ruled Monday that prisoners convicted of nonviolent sex crimes may be eligible for early parole, the LA Times reports. This eligibility excludes anyone serving time for violent acts like rape and sodomy but may result in early parole for prisoners convicted of crimes the state does not consider violent – including pimping, incest, indecent exposure, and possessing child pornography.

Ohio Evangelical leaders ask state Health Department to declare pornography a public health crisis

Seventy-four evangelical leaders in Ohio submitted a resolution Tuesday, asking the state Board of Public Health to declare pornography a public health crisis, CBN News reports. The document was submitted even as ‘House Resolution 180,’ which declares pornography to be a “public health hazard that leads to a spectrum of individual and societal harms,” is being considered by the Ohio General Assembly.

‘Pirated Bibles’ now the object of raids in China

Bibles have become a target of government raids in China, where the communist regime is now attempting to eliminate all ‘pornography and illegal publications,’ forcing some believers to consider hiding stashes of Bibles in the mountains.

Trump Administration Ramps Up Fight Against Human Trafficking

Experts, a former victim, and some anti-trafficking groups said they are encouraged by the administration’s executive order aimed at eliminating human trafficking, describing it as a ‘historical collaboration’ between federal agencies, and one of the ‘more comprehensive’ actions taken by the White House to date.

China fines church for owning ‘wrong’ version of the Bible

China is cracking down on Christianity and other religions as part of a campaign by the country’s Communist Party to ‘eradicate’ so-called ‘pornography and illegal publications,’ according to a Chinese persecution watchdog.

Saudi Court Sidesteps Religious Accusations

In an arbitrary verdict handed down last week by a Saudi Arabian court, Christian prisoner Brian O’Connor was convicted of the alleged possession and sale of alcohol in the strictly Muslim kingdom.

Morality in Media Says Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ Approach to Fighting Porn Won’t Prot

NEW YORK (20 March 2001) — On March 20, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on a motion to create a Commission on Child Pornography. The new Commission would have authority to combat child pornography, but unlike the Commission that the Supervisors disbanded on February 20, the new Commission would be powerless to address the floodtide of obscenity engulfing our culture — except when “directed towards minors.”

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