Billionaire Musk To Implant Brain Chips

Elon Musk, perhaps the world’s most eccentric entrepreneurial billionaire, already had an online bank, solar roof tiles, a tunnel-digging machine, an electric car, a reusable rocket, and the occasional electric car riding a missile. He now hopes to add brain implant technology to his wishlist and connect the human brain to a computer within six months.

NASA technology could be used to charge EVs in five minutes

Researchers announced earlier this month that NASA technology developed for the International Space Station could also be used to charge electric vehicles on earth in as little as five minutes, Business Insider reports.

US, Taiwan Launch New Trade Pact

The U.S. launched a new trade pact with Taiwan on Wednesday, hoping to forge closer economic ties with the island territory that China claims as its own, while blunting Beijing’s economic clout in the region.

CEO: ‘Millions Of COVID Jabs Thrown Away’

The CEO of pharmaceutical and biotechnology giant Moderna says his firm has to “throw away” millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines as “nobody wants them” amid worries about side effects.

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