Don’t get violent over Viral Videos

A open letter by the Bishop of Karachi reminded all religious that living in the Internet age means their faiths will be mocked and that the mockery will find its way to them anywhere in the world.

Arrests in Eritrea Continue

Authorities recently arrested 90 believers in Eritrea as part of a campaign against Christians that began back in December. Although six were eventually released, the whereabouts of the other 84 is unknown.

NEWS WATCH: US VP Warns Europe of Missile Threats

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has called on America’s European allies to step-up their defense efforts, saying they the face growing security threats from outside Europe.

Obama Urges Package to Tackle Economic Crisis

United States President-elect Barack Obama was scheduled to meet with congressional leaders from both political parties Monday, January 5, to discuss a stimulus package aimed at ending America’s worst economic crisis in decades.

China Detains Managers Of Australian Company For Spreading Christianity

Three senior employees of an Australian owned multi-million dollar bio-engineering corporation in China’s Guangdong province remained detained Thursday, November 22, and their company closed, over allegations of involvement in “illegal” Christian activities.

China Closes Australian Company For Promoting Christianity

Chinese authorities have shut down a multi million dollar branch of Australia-based Enoch Group because it allegedly promoted Christianity and hired Christian workers, investigators close to the case told BosNewsLife Thursday, November 1.

The Trouble with Digital Angels Added: Jul 20th, 2000 3:07 AM

Several weeks ago a disturbing secular news story grabbed my attention. Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) received patent rights to new technology named Digital Angel (TM). What’s bothersome is that Digital Angel is a miniature digital transceiver specifically designed for human implantation.

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