ACLJ Disappointed With Supreme Court Decision Not To Hear Indiana 10 Commandments Case

(Washington, DC) – The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, said today the U.S. Supreme Court “missed an important opportunity to clarify an issue that has become the center of a national debate” when it refused to consider an appeal of a case out of Indiana where a lower court ruled that a monument of the Ten Commandments which has been on display for more than 40 years is unconstitutional.

U.S. Courts uphold order to remove Ten Commandments displays in Kentucky

5 June 2000 (Newsroom) -- Two United States courts have upheld judicial orders to remove wall displays with the Ten Commandments from a public school district and two county courthouses in Kentucky. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and a U.S. District Court denied motions to stay the preliminary injunctions issued last month by federal judge Jennifer B. Coffman.

U.S. judge orders removal of Ten Commandments from Kentucky public buildings

18 May 2000 (Newsroom) -- A U.S. federal court in Kentucky has ordered state officials to remove wall displays that include the Ten Commandments from classrooms in a public school district and two county courthouses. Judge Jennifer B. Coffman issued three nearly identical preliminary injunctions on May 5, arguing that the wall displays amounted to government endorsement of a particular religion, in conflict with the First Amendment.