ACLJ Disappointed With Supreme Court Decision Not To Hear Indiana 10 Commandments Case

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May 29, 2001

(Washington, DC) – The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, said today the U.S. Supreme Court “missed an important opportunity to clarify an issue that has become the center of a national debate” when it refused to consider an appeal of a case out of Indiana where a lower court ruled that a monument of the Ten Commandments which has been on display for more than 40 years is unconstitutional.

“We are disappointed that the Supreme Court will not consider this most important First Amendment issue,” said Francis J. Manion, Senior Counsel of the ACLJ, which represented the City of Elkhart, Indiana in its appeal. “The Supreme Court missed an important opportunity to clarify an issue that has become the center of a national debate. The Court’s decision not to weigh-in on the Ten Commandments issue will only add to the confusion surrounding the displays of Ten Commandments in communities across America.”

The ACLJ – which represented the City of Elkhart – asked the Supreme Court to take the case and overturn a December 2000 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit that ruled that a granite display of the Ten Commandments – donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1958 to the City of Elkhart – was unconstitutional.

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1 thought on “ACLJ Disappointed With Supreme Court Decision Not To Hear Indiana 10 Commandments Case

  1. Most of what ACLJ deal has deal with could have been prevented if they and/or any other Messianic/Christian attorneys (or Dr. James Dobson) since about 1970 had done half as good a job of defending the wife's right to not be forced to testify against her own husband in order to find/obtain relief from abuse for herself and/or those under her case (usually, children). It's not like so many have been raped, or tortured. Well, not the majority anyway. Women and children need to know they are expendable, right? Best for them to learn early, huh? That sea change in Christian circles, with men abdicating all help to the poor wives and/or children, Pastor after pastor, denomination after demon, Christian and Jew alike, is what has been the real war and terrorisation happening on US shores. That's what caused the great huge gaping hole in marriage and US society to the degree that gays/lesbians were able rise up, recruit so many, and to go mainstream and now force others to "tolerate" them even though they will never tolerate us, as we are, with out beliefs. Instead, they insist we must change and do for them the same as we would for our own spiritual families. It is only going to increase.

    Only God can reset the USA back onto firm foundations, it's backslidden far more than the vast majority of US Believers know. But hey, go (all you Christian leaders) fight for your "right" to keep all those bronze and stone (graven) idols where ever. Die for church buildings too while you are at it. Except it's only suffering for righteousness (rightness) sake that matters to YHWH. Who cares (and that's the problem, who cares?) if the last two generations were lost to evil and paganizms here. Go all ye and celebrate the Catholic (Anglican considers itself to be "catholic" too, by the way) Christ-mass, put a tree up in your places of worship, and homes, who cares what God has said on the matter? Again, that's the problem, "who cares?" If you are going to call a Bible "God's Word" even though it is the person of Jesus Christ who is, it's only been preserved at great cost for thousands of years (the Bible/Torah), so again...

    Who cares?

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