Efforts by rabbis to see a third temple built intensify

Rabbis in Israel are calling for the reinstitution of the temple service as a means of averting plagues, pointing to the Passover sacrifice that saved the Israelites in Egypt as a model for understanding current events.

Temple-ready altar dedicated on last day of Hanukkah by activist groups

On the last day of Hanukkah – which literally means ‘dedication’ – a new altar built in accordance with all the Jewish laws pertaining to the Temple vessels and infrastructure was unveiled and nominally dedicated for use in the yet-to-be built Third Temple by several Temple activist organizations.

New Synagogue Opens Under Temple Mount

While there may not be a Third Temple at which Israeli Jews can worship atop the Jerusalem Temple Mount, there is a brand-new synagogue under the foundation of the holy site – and it’s open for prayer.

Delayed Anointing and Laying of the Cornerstone

Due to the situation which currently exists in Israel, the Israeli authorities decided that the anointing and laying of the cornerstone for the Third Temple could not be performed on the 16th October as we had planned to do. Up until the last moment the authorities told us that the event could go ahead but then, because of the events which occurred on that day, they took this decision.

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