Amid Pence promises, persecuted Iraqi Christians still in perilous limbo

Hundreds of thousands of persecuted Christians, Yazidis and other minorities driven from battered northern Iraq are still in a perilous limbo, as humanitarian groups struggle to make sense of a new Trump Administration initiative rolled out after Vice President Mike Pence’s October 25 promise to 'stop funding ineffective relief efforts at the United Nations' and 'provide support directly to persecuted communities through USAID.'

U.S. Pursuing Rigorous New Nuclear Inspection Regime in Iran

The United States is pursuing a rigorous new regime for international inspections of Iran's nuclear program that includes access to off-limits military sites as well as increased transparency on the Islamic Republic's often obfuscated enrichment of uranium, the key component in a nuclear bomb, according to U.S. officials and congressional leaders spearheading the new inspection effort.