Netanyahu Responds to UN ‘Absurdities’ Concerning Israel: ‘It’s Called the Bible. I Highly Recommend It’

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday attacked 'absurdities' in U.N. agencies’ treatment of Israel, invoking tennis legend John McEnroe, the Bible -- and penguins -- in a speech that was in turn deadly serious about Iran, upbeat about Israeli diplomatic breakthroughs, and thankful to the Trump administration for its outspoken support.

Ahead of UN meet, Trump vows: US won't let Iran take over Syria

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'The U.S. won't let Iran gain control over Syria. The U.S. won't leave Israel alone in the battlefield,' a senior White House official quoted U.S. President Donald Trump as saying unequivocally in a meeting on the topic over the weekend, amid reports suggesting that Iran was cementing its foothold in Syria and building precision missile factories in the south of the war-torn country.