Christian Killed in Uganda

A Christian in eastern Uganda who had recently received death threats was murdered on June 4.

Arab Christian Blocked From Leaving Sudan

ISTANBUL, January 30 (Compass) — A Sudanese convert to Christianity was refused permission to board a flight to Uganda this morning at the Khartoum airport, where state security police said their computers identified him as a criminal.

Deadly Ebola Virus Strikes Close to Home for Uganda Missionary

KAMPALA, UGANDA (November 1, 2000) — Former Canadian grid iron and nightclub singing star Peter Simon Turko, who is now a pastor in Kampala, Uganda, ministering to homeless children and those infected with the AIDS virus, has written an update from the mission field concerning the recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus now claiming lives in Africa.

Return to the Killing Fields

Faith Shaw was born in Rwanda, a country that between 1959-64 saw more than 500,000 people killed and a similar number or more fled the country. She was horrified when in April of 1994, a further 800,000 were killed and 1,000,000 fled to the neighboring countries.

Police investigate another Uganda cult leader

KAMPALA, 8 May, 2000 (Newsroom) — Police in western Uganda are investigating the popular leader of a cult whose membership numbers about 10,000 and who is building the largest house of worship in this East African nation.

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