Russia’s Capital Moscow Hit By Drones

War was brought to Russia’s capital early Tuesday as drone strikes hit Moscow, damaging several buildings and prompting evacuations, the city’s mayor and other sources said.

Kyiv Shaken By Massive Russian Strikes (Worthy News Radio)

Explosions shook Ukraine’s capital Sunday as Russia launched dozens of drones on Kyiv, killing at least one person, officials said. Elsewhere in the wartorn nation, the death toll from Friday’s Russian missile strike on a clinic in the eastern city of Dnipro rose from two to four people ahead of an imminent Ukrainian counter-offensive.

US Fears Ukraine War Spreading To Russia

The United States expressed concern Thursday about growing evidence that U.S. military equipment provided to Ukraine is used to carry out attacks inside Russian territory amid fears it could lead to a nuclear confrontation.

Russia ‘Defeats Insurgents’ Killing Scores Of Fighters

Moscow said Tuesday it had pushed back armed insurgents who crossed the border from Ukraine to launch attacks in Russia’s Belgorod region in the deadliest cross-border confrontation since the war began 15 months ago.

Russia Warns West of “Colossal Risks” When Supplying Jets to Ukraine (Worthy News Radio)

Russia has warned the West of “colossal risks” if it supplies Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets. The warning came after the United States announced it would allies to deliver the military planes to Ukraine, which is preparing a counter-offensive against the ongoing Russian invasion of the country. The announcement came as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was welcomed Saturday at the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

G7 Meeting Overshadowed By Ukraine War

The Group of Seven (G7) of the world’s leading economies gathered Friday in Japan’s city of Hiroshima, nearly wiped off the map by the world’s first atomic bomb in World War Two.

Ukraine Claims Limited Victory Around Bakhmut (Worthy News Radio)

Ukraine says it has recaptured ground in Bakhmut, in a rare advance after months of grinding Russian gains in the eastern city. But Moscow has denied the claims while the death toll is mounting in one of the longest and bloodiest since Russia’s invasion began more than 14 long months ago.

Russian President Says Nation In War With West

Russian President Vladimir Putin used a Victory Day speech on Tuesday to warn that “a war has been unleashed” against Russia in what seemed an attempt to prepare the nation for a change in the narrative about Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. So far, the Kremlin has described its battle against Ukraine only as no more than a “special military operation” aimed at defending Russian interests but limited in scope.

Russia Launches Huge Drone Attack On Ukraine

With Ukraine’s counter-offensive imminent or already underway, Russia launched massive drone and missile strikes on the war-torn country with air raid sirens sounding nationwide.

Russia’s Wagner Group Stays In Bakhmut, As Ukraine ‘Launches Attacks’ (Worthy News Radio)

The boss of Russia’s Wagner Group mercenaries says Moscow has agreed to his demands for more ammunition days after threatening to withdraw his men from the eastern city of Bakhmut. Sunday’s announcement came as Kyiv claimed to have shot down one of Russia’s most supersonic weapons following deadly Russian shelling and allegedly carried out attacks inside Russia and Russian-occupied Crimea, prompting nuclear threats by a former Russian deputy prime minister.

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