Faith-Based Compromise?

"A politics of community can be strengthened when we are not afraid to make the connections between spirituality and politics."[2] Al Gore who also touted faith-based partnerships. Senator again urges expanded role for religion in social service programs

"Bush and his aides moved to downplay the religious component, emphasizing the proposal's overall purpose: boosting communities and civil society."[3] Bush Unveils 'Faith-Based' Initiative

Who is the Enemy?

Listening via television to evangelist Billy Graham’s stirring words of spiritual comfort and encouragement at the national prayer and memorial service in Washington DC on Friday, I recalled that the last time I saw the towering World Trade Center was the same day I spoke at his ministry headquarters in Minneapolis. It was a great honor to address his staff of over 300 dedicated workers last August 6 just before boarding a plane to Newark airport on my way back to my home at the center of the world, Jerusalem Israel.

"Hit List" Of Christian Evangelists On Hindu Extremist Website

A militant Hindu hate website displaying the names of international evangelists, secular and Christian scholars from India, and other “enemies of Hinduism” on its “hit-list” was back on-line after it was salvaged by a radical Jewish organization in Brooklyn, New York. The website calls on militant Hindus to commit violence against the men and women listed.

Bush Government Retreats: The American Embassy Will Not Be Move to Jerusalem

Thus says the Lord: I have returned to Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem

Yesterday (February 5, 2001) the American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, retreated from Bush's campaign promise to start moving the Embassy of the United States from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. President Bush had promised that his first step on taking office would be to move the Embassy.

Vietnam Undground Church Leader Wins 30 Vietnamese to Christ in .. America

Dr. Paul Tran-Dinh-Ai, also known as Paul Ai, a leader of the Underground Church in Vietnam, has won some 30 Vietnamese to Christ is his new hometown of Hampton, Virginia. The much-persecuted leader has now urged American Christians to "wake up and see the mission field in their own back yard" and has shared lessons he has learned under persecution.

House approves divisive U.S.-China trade pact

24 May 2000 (Newsroom) -- The United States House of Representatives approved a China trade bill on Wednesday that has divided human rights and religious freedom advocates. The House voted 237-197 to grant permanent normal trade relations to the communist nation, taking the place of Most Favored Nation (MFN) status, which required an annual review of China's adherence to international standards. The Senate is expected to approve a similar pact in early June.

U.S. panel outlines action to improve religious freedom in Sudan and China

1 May 2000 (Newsroom) -- A panel commissioned by the United States to monitor religious freedom issued its first report on Monday, calling for measures to be taken against China and Sudan if they fail to improve their treatment of religious believers. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom also warned that religious liberty in Russia is in danger of taking a turn for the worse.