Huawei arrest threatens global markets, Trump-China trade truce

At a time of maximum tension in the U.S.-China relationship, news of the arrest last weekend of a top Chinese tech official in Canada managed to set off multiple shock waves Thursday, shining a harsh light on U.S. and allied concerns about Chinese state-backed corporate giants, massively complicating a trade war 'truce' just negotiated by President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, and — for a few hours — threatening to buckle global stock markets and wipe out a big chunk of the recent Wall Street gains Mr. Trump is fond of trumpeting.

Seized archive shows Iran nuke project was larger than thought, had foreign help

The archive of Iranian nuclear documents seized by the Israeli Mossad from a Tehran warehouse in January shows that Iran’s program to build nuclear weapons 'was almost certainly larger, more sophisticated and better organized' than was suspected, unnamed nuclear experts were quoted as saying in the New York Times on Sunday, after being shown selected documents from the haul by US reporters.