Iran has used leaked UN Atomic Agency documents to deceive nuclear inspectors

iran nuclear deal

by Karen Faulkner, Correspondent

(Worthy News) – The Journal (WSJ) on Wednesday published a report attesting that has used classified leaked documents from the UN’s () to hide its progress on producing a weapon, Ynet reports. The WSJ cited intelligence officials and documents it had examined in making its assertions.

Retrieved by ’s Mossad intelligence agency, the documents show how the Iranian regime sought to deceive IAEA inspectors nearly twenty years ago, Ynet News said.

In a statement to the WSJ, former IAEA inspector and current president of the Institute for Science and International David Albright said the leaked documents gave the Iranians a heads up on what questions would be asked by the IAEA, and how to answer in a way that would not divulge the extent of their nuclear work.

The WSJ report asserts that Iran was able to use IAEA documents on several occasions to deceive inspectors. In one instance, senior Iranian officials received documents on May 19, 2004, which helped them prepare them for an IAEA inspection at a nuclear facility in Arak three days later.

While Tehran continues to deny it is working to produce a nuclear weapon, it has now enriched so much uranium that Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz said earlier this month that Iran is just weeks away from acquiring enough material to make an atomic bomb.

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