US, World Remembers 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

America and much of the world remembered Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in the United States and prompted a global war on terrorism.

Honduras to designate Hezbollah as terrorist group

The office of Honduras’s President said Tuesday that the central American country will recognize Hezbollah as a terrorist group, following a recent decision by the German Bundestag to do the same.

Obama Administration Officials Refuse to Justify Taliban Release

Obama administration officials refused to fully explain to key senators the justification for freeing five senior Taliban leaders that the White House had once considered to be among the most dangerous prisoners being held in the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, according to senior Senate insiders familiar with a closed-door briefing held Tuesday for members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Pakistan Evangelists Beaten at Muslim Festival

A team of Pakistani Christian evangelists was attacked and beaten after distributing over 13,000 Christian publications at a Muslim festival, the group supporting them said Wednesday, February 7.

Pakistani Pastor Escapes Islamist Captors

A Protestant pastor kidnapped last Sunday morning escaped from his Islamist abductors overnight Monday, some 40 hours after he had disappeared on his way to church services in Quetta, capital of Pakistan’s Baluchistan province.

Christian Massacre Survivor Set Free in Karachi

Forty-eight hours after Karachi police abducted Robin Peranditta from the grounds of the Sindh High Court, the traumatized survivor of last month’s deadly Christian massacre is now confirmed to be released from police custody.

Karachi Gunmen Murder Pakistani Welfare Workers

Armed gunmen attacked a Pakistani Christian welfare organization in Karachi this morning, then escaped after killing seven Christians and leaving an eighth critically injured.

Pakistan’s Christians Told to ‘Protect Themselves’

ISTANBUL, September 9 (Compass) — In the wake of two more deadly terrorist attacks against Christian institutions in Pakistan in early August, government security officials have advised local church leaders to arm themselves for possible assaults by Muslim extremists.

Karachi Gunmen Murder Pakistani Welfare Workers

ISTANBUL, September 25 (Compass) — Armed gunmen attacked a Pakistani Christian welfare organization in Karachi this morning, then escaped after killing seven Christians and leaving an eighth critically injured.

Indian Government Launches War on Terrorism and Missionaries

BANGALORE, India (Compass) — The Indian government has launched its own “war on terrorism” against two fronts: terrorists and missionaries. The Hindu fundamentalist government is planning to introduce two bills that are being condemned as “draconian” by religious minorities in India.

War On Islamic Terrorism Is Long Overdue

The massive catastrophe wrought by Muslim suicide terrorists in New York and Washington on September 11 has served as a “wake up” call to the United States and other Western democracies to a lurking global menace, yet few understand the radical Islamic theology that has been spawning hatred, conflicts and human missiles for decades. The American-led effort to eradicate this evil hinges largely on isolating the terrorist support network hiding among the world’s one billion Muslims and preventing it from recruiting others to their ruinous cause – an incredibly tall task at this late stage.
Western leaders and mainstream media share much of the blame for the ignorance of many worldwide as to the ambitions of the ever expanding alliance of Islamic elements bent on conquering the world for their god, Allah. This despite the fact that America has been singled out for repeated attack by Muslim militants ever since the Islamic revolution swept Iran in 1979. The overthrow of the pro-Western Shah of Iran and the triumphal rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini provide a good starting point for reviewing the modern resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism and its holy war against “infidel” nations.

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