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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Students Pray after Humanist Group Threatens Suit


By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

ATLANTA (Worthy News)– Approximately 200 students and their parents gathered Wednesday at a Georgia high school in response to letters from a humanist group that threatened legal action if the school's coaches continued to promote Christianity, according to The Christian News Network.

The American Humanist Association had sent letters to the superintendent of Hall County Schools, the principal of Chestatee High School and the chairman of the Board of Education complaining that coaches at Chestatee High School have allegedly been citing Bible verses on team documents and joining the team in prayer.

"We have received reports that CHS coaches have joined players in prayer while standing in a circle, hands interlocked. At times, the head coach has led the prayers, which is an egregious violation of the Establishment Clause. Further violating the Constitution, a citation to Galatians 6:9 was placed at the bottom of workout log sheets given to players, and the citation and text of Proverbs 27:17 was written in giant letters on a banner used for a football team pregame entrance."

AHA threatened a lawsuit if these practices were not stopped and requested a response within two weeks, but the response they got was group prayer in support of the team coaches as students and their parents gathered on Chestatee's football field.

"We choose to pray," said Chestatee student Megan Ellis. "They don't make us pray."

"I think [the controversy is] really ridiculous," said student Marlen Olvera. "Every school does it. Every school prays before football games and after football games. It's not the coach's decision; it's the students decision."

"I think it's sad that you can be in a state prison, and you can have a Bible and read it all day long, and you can have a worship service inside that prison, but you can't pray on a football field," said parent Kevin Elrod.

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  • merlynleroy
    26 August 2014 at 8:27 am - Reply

    "I think it's sad that you can be in a state prison, and you can have a Bible and read it all day long, and you can have a worship service inside that prison, but you can't pray on a football field,"

    I think it's sad that parents have so little respect for religious freedom.

  • Joe
    28 September 2014 at 9:51 pm - Reply

    This group of humanist is a sad example of human’s; they are pawns of the devil himself. There is no such violation to the constitution of the US and there is no such thing as an establishment clause. If American History and the US constitution were taught in public schools there would be less stupidity, it can only be summed up to poorly educated individuals. Moreover, nobody is being forced to participate in prayer or required to read scripture against their will. What do these people care? Except they be manipulated by the devil and this godless lawless government. Humanist is just another name for communist and communist worship the government and have their faith in men, men who have lied to the public and continue this false narrative. Again, ignorance abounds because communist worship the government and the men and women in leadership who hate God and who have created the lie of separation of church and state. Nowhere in the constitution dose it say or imply a separation of church and state, but says the government shall not establish any religion and the first amendment guarantees people the freedom of religion and worship unabridged. This group has no basis in their letter to the school and there are ample legal resources and organizations available to defeat any complaint in court, I hope the people in Georgia will not be intimidated and stand on not only their constitutional rights but trust in God and continue praying and sharing the scriptures, its the healthiest thing to do. Christianity is interwoven into the fabric of the American People and what these communist want is simply a Godless Society, they have no vested interest in the sports activity, there just pawns of the devil doing his work and have no credibility. If I were the school, I would just throw the letter into the trash and declare the need of pray for them.

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