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Syria extends major offensive to retake territory in west
Syrian troops and allied militia backed by a fresh wave of Russian air strikes and cruise missiles fired from warships attacked rebel forces on Thursday as the government extended an offensive to recapture territory in the west of the country. [ No Comments ]

U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law
Some senior U.S. officials involved in the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal have privately concluded that a key sanctions relief provision – a concession to Iran that will open the doors to tens of billions of dollars in U.S.-backed commerce with the Islamic regime – conflicts with existing federal statutes and cannot be implemented without violating those laws, Fox News has learned. [ 1 Comment ]

4 Russian Cruise Missiles Crash in Iran En Route to Syria
At least four cruise missiles fired from Russian navy ships in the Caspian Sea towards Syria Wednesday crashed in northwestern parts of Iran according to U.S. officials. [ 8 Comments ]

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With Israel visit, Quartet aims to kick-start peace talks
Representatives of the Middle East Quartet will visit the region next week to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders and push forward with a renewed efforts to revive the stalled peace process. [ 1 Comment ]

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Obama May Bypass Congress, Impose 'Order' For Gun Background Checks
In response to the latest mass shooting during his presidency, President Obama is seriously considering circumventing Congress with his executive authority and imposing new background-check requirements for buyers who purchase weapons from high-volume gun dealers. [ 2 Comments ]

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McCarthy exit baffles conservatives who were ready to deal
Conservatives were ready to negotiate a deal with Kevin McCarthy to perhaps deliver the votes that would make him the next House Speaker when he suddenly dropped out of the race Thursday. [ 3 Comments ]

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India: Hindus beat Pastor unconscious
A pastor in India's Madhya Pradesh state is recovering after Hindus beat him unconscious last month. [ 1 Comment ]

The Supreme Judicial Court said the words "under God" in the pledge reflect patriotic practice, not a religious one. They acknowledged that the wording has a "religious tinge" but said it is fundamentally patriotic and voluntary.
Group wants 'God Bless the Military' sign removed
A group that seeks to separate Christianity from the military is now demanding the removal of a sign at a Marine base in Hawaii, according to the Christian News. [ No Comments ]

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