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Nuclear Talks with Iran Extended Until July
Nuclear negotiators have failed to meet a Monday deadline for a deal that would ease international concerns about Iran's atomic program and are poised to extend the negotiations for a comprehensive agreement until July 2015. [ No Comments ]

With Deadline Approaching, Atomic Talks With Iran Move Toward Extension
The US and five other nations trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran are turning away from attempting to reach an agreement by deadline and have started internal discussions on extending the talks, Ynet News reported. [ No Comments ]

Global Terror Attack Deaths Increased Sharply in 2013
The number of deaths from terrorism increased by 61% between 2012 and 2013. [ No Comments ]

Latest Israel News
Israeli Cabinet Approves "Jewish State" Bill
The Israeli Cabinet voted in favor of the controversial "Jewish state bill," with the preceding discussion descended into a shouting match between ministers. [ No Comments ]

Latest U.S. News
Obama says Executive Order on Immigration Legally Justified by Congress' Inaction
President Obama on Sunday said Congress' failure to approve immigration legislation served as legal justification for his executive order legalizing 4.1 million undocumented immigrants, the Washington Examiner reported. [ No Comments ]

Latest Christian News
Christian families are stranded in ISIS-controlled Raqqa
The Islamic State is forcing the remaining Christian families in Raqqa to pay the jizya or protection tax, according to Christian Today. [ No Comments ]

Lao Hmong Evicted after Converting to Christianity
Six Hmong families who converted to Christianity were forced to leave their village after local authorities ordered them to renounce their faith, according to Barnabas Aid. [ No Comments ]

Police: Woman Slain in Pakistan Innocent of Blasphemy
Police in Pakistan said that the Christian couple tortured and murdered this month over accusations that the wife desecrated the Koran were false, according to Morning Star News. [ No Comments ]

National Cathedral Hosts Islamic Prayers; Lone Protester Objects
To improve relations between Muslims and Christians, the Washington National Cathedral hosted its first Muslim prayer service Friday, according to The Christian Post. [ 4 Comments ]

Bakers Who Won't make "Gay" Cake May Face Legal Action
A Christian bakery in Northern Ireland must pay compensation or face legal action after an equality commission declared that it was guilty of committing "unlawful religious, political and sexual orientation discrimination" for declining to bake a "gay" cake, according to Christian News. [ 3 Comments ]

School tells Students to stop Praying, Singing
Christian students at a public high school were told that they could no longer meet to pray, sing religious songs or discuss religious topics during their free time because it violated the Constitution, according to Fox News. [ 4 Comments ]

Attacks on Jerusalem Church Met with Official Indifference
Police have refused to respond to a series of crimes ranging from theft to an assault in October that bloodied three Christians, according to Morning Star News. [ 1 Comment ]

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