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Will growing Islamist unrest restore their Caliphate?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | Tag Cloud

By Joseph DeCaro

Rooted in the French Revolution's "reign of terror," is the scene being set for a Muslim Napoleon?

WASHINGTON D.C. (Worthy News)-- The recent Arab unrest against U.S. embassies throughout the Middle East may prove to be the galvanizing event Muslims need to unite their disparate "Arab Springs" and usher in the return of the Islamic Caliphate.

The caliph was once the supreme leader of the Muslim world and the true successor to its prophet, Muhammad. But after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish nationalists abolished it in 1924; two years later, an international congress held in Cairo tried to choose a new caliph, but failed because most Islamic states were too preoccupied with their own internal problems.

Preoccupied, until Cairo's Tahrir Square became the focus of an "Arab Spring" that rocked the government of Egypt and ended the "reign" of President Mubarak.

Centuries ago, when another autocrat, Louis XVI, fell from power, France degenerated into a "reign of terror that made the guillotine the symbol of political messianism," according to Encarta. In fact, the term "terrorism" was first used to describe the French government during the revolution (1789 -- 1799) when state-sponsored terror used political power to force others to submit to its demands; today, Islam's jihadists use suicide attacks to make Muslim demands known, and it's no coincidence that Islam literally means "submission".

Back in 18th Century France, the newly formed Committee of Public Safety, whose members never recognized national boundaries, acted as agents provocateurs against other European powers; today that role has been assumed by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that first hijacked the "Spring" in Egypt and then throughout the rest of the region.

As for the French Revolution, after the arrest and execution of the Committee's leader, Maximilien Robespierre, the stage was set for the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, who first ruled as dictator of France in 1799, and then crowned himself its emperor five years later .

So, will the orchestrated bedlam of the Arab Spring's "Reign of (embassy) Terror" unite the Islamic Ummah and prepare the way for a later day dictator who crowns himself the leader of a resurrected Caliphate?

Or worse, crowns himself an anti-Christ?

With the exception of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon -- who recently died quietly in South Korea -- there are candidates already available for the position of anti-Christ. For example, there are the Twelvers, a Sh'ia sect that is still waiting for the reappearance of their 12th Imam, the Mahdi. Known as "the rightly guided one," Iran's Ahmadinejad believes the Mahdi will return to establish an Islamic reign of submissive peace on a Muslim-dominated earth.

May God forbid.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Will growing Islamist unrest restore their Caliphate?

11 thoughts on “Will growing Islamist unrest restore their Caliphate?

  1. An Egyptian cleric and member of the Muslim Brotherhood recently reminded his brethren that they should all eagerly await the return of the Caliphate.

  2. @Josef
    The Islamic Khilafat WILL return Insha Allah and truth will abolish falsehood! As our true leaders say, we can almost see it coming :)

  3. Also, if you are Christian, this doesn't seem to resemble anything from the prophecy. Though it is free to be interpreted by anyone I suppose. And out of curiosity, how many hits do you get on this piece of shit?

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      According to TheBlaze, The Muslim Brotherhood has already established a proxy caliphate through the OIC at the UN.

  4. If I can help a few not waste their time by reading this then I will not feel so bad that I wasted 5 minutes of my life on this article. btw Islam literally means peace not submission

  5. A caliphate is what the world needs trust me for muslims and non muslims alike you'll thank the caliph later. Islam is not backward you forget a lot of what you call the renaissance was inspired by Muslim scholars.

    • What muslims need most is to actually read their own "holy book" and realize what a terrorist their "prophet" was. He was a prophet only for Satan. Most muslims are good people that have unfortunately been misled and brainwashed by their blind faith and are trapped in an unholy web of deceit, Help them escape before they are forced to radicalize try to kill you if you don't "submit"!!!!!

      • islam has never been teror and u know who told the world to call muslims and muhamed terrorists they were the illuminati the jews because they wan't to have a new world order " a world of choas where there is no religion " and that's a fact my friend i hope u get ur information right and islam in english means literally peace and if u think that the muslims are terrorist because they are fighting for their free country which had been raped bay the jews and american goverment think again and go see how the palastenien people are gettin murder every day is that how u think humanity is ?? by killing and evading a country and when it's patriots fight u to retrieve they're freedom you call them terrorist explain that please ! peace my friend

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Will growing Islamist unrest restore their Caliphate?