Eritrea even persecutes 'official' Christians

Monday, May 5, 2014 | Tag Cloud

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

ASMARA, ERITREA (Worthy News)-- Eritrea even persecutes its own officially recognized religions.

Just last week, five Christians about to be ordained in Eritrea's state sanctioned Evangelical Lutheran Church were arrested instead, according to Morning Star News.

The arrests came just after the church announced that the five would be ordained for pastoral ministry. As of press time, authorities in Eritrea were still holding the would-be pastors at Police Station Number 2 in Asmara, according to an Open Doors press statement.

In 2005, Eritrean authorities first began oppressing officially recognized denominations by cracking down on the Eritrean Orthodox Church. But when Patriarch Abune Antonios dared to object, Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki had him deposed, placed under house arrest and then replaced with a government official.

"Since then, many thousands of mostly evangelical Christians have suffered severely at the hands of a regime known for its human rights abuses, appalling prison conditions and widespread use of torture," wrote Elizabeth Kendal of the Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin.

Kendal wrote that by the end of 2010, religious persecution in Eritrea incarcerated an estimated 3,000 Christians for their faith; many were held without water in shipping containers in desert camps, others in underground cells, according to Kendal.

"The conditions are inhumane: Children and the elderly are amongst the prisoners sharing skin diseases, dysentery and other horrors in confined, unventilated spaces. Torture is routine. Amnesty International has reported on the tortures suffered by Christian prisoners. Several Christians have died in custody and others have perished in the desert trying to escape."

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8 thoughts on “Eritrea even persecutes 'official' Christians”

  1. Why don´t U go and find truly persecuted christians like in Saudi Arabia, instead of harassing Eritrea, which U know can´t fight back.

    • john
      Saudi Arabia is 100% Muslim country,there is no Christian citizens in Saudi Arabia but Eritrea is killing and arresting Christians and Muslims citizens of the country,stop defending the criminal junta.

      • what a bunch of LIES. ERITREA is not killing any of its Christians or Muslims citizen. Just stop with these western propaganda psychological warfare against the people of Eritrea. The Eritrean government is only a criminal in the minds of the western white racist elite who cannot stand the unique and courage's African nation that refuses to submit. All true Eritreans love and respect the principled leadership of the nation. For you information there are Christians in Saudi Arabia but are not recognized or register with the state.

        Much love and respect to the people of Eritrea and government


      • Day in day out about eritrea black mail,why.Lets talk about iraq and afgan libya change in to ashese for ever by western with america junta.Cia paid huge amount of money to demonise eritrea,40 years we have been burning no body gave any saphaty to poor eritrean people,for get about human right
        .two years a go router reported from asmara,says young eritrean wanted to us for better life and education but mojority/older never forget the bloody history commited by america and united nation for 40 years.did any body read it? sham,

    • What do you mean Eritrea cannot fight back. Eritrea can but refuses to waste its time addressing these silly people and their lies. Our path is paved and the camel continues to march non-stop. However, I do understand your comments bro. PEACE

    • Did Saudi Arabia arrest five Christians about to be ordained in Eritrea's state sanctioned Evangelical Lutheran Church?

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