Denmark Passes Law That Forces Church to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (Worthy News)-- Denmark's Parliament voted by a large margin to force State churches to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies inside their sanctuaries.

The vote was called historic by Denmark's church minister, Manu Sareen. "I think it's very important to give all members of the church the possibility to get married. Today, it's only heterosexual couples," she added.

The law goes into effect June 15.

The Danish parliament voted by an 85-24 margin to force churches to carry out "same-sex" marriages identical to heterosexual marriages. Under the new law, officials may opt out from performing "same-sex" weddings based on theological reasons. However, they must arrange a replacement.

The passage of the law has pro-family activists warning their constituents of the homosexual agenda that is threatening the fundamental freedoms of religious believers across the West.

In 1989, Denmark was the first country in the world to offer civil unions for gay couples.

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7 thoughts on “Denmark Passes Law That Forces Church to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

  1. Not surprising - Denmark has a national church supported by taxes, direct from members and also from government.

  2. Easy. If a particular church wishes to refuse to do same sex marriages, then that church can refuse the government financial support, and rely solely on the collection plate. So long as they take government money--the Lutheran Church is the national church of Denmark--they must obey the rules and regulations set by that national government.

  3. The Christian church has had over a thousand years to find a way to fit homosexual people into society , yet at every turn they have tried to dehumanize and harm gays when and were ever they could . the fact that in every generation God makes 2-10 % homosexual has not changed , only the power of the church has changed . In states like Uganda , Zambia and Russia were the church has total control we see what Christians would really like to do with gays if only they still could .So they will have to perform a gay marriage , compare that to the life in prison that homosexuals face in Uganda .

  4. Completely incorrect. This applies only to the official state church of Denmark, and the law only means that if a priest doesn't wish to perform a same sex wedding, they don't have to, and the bishop will refer the couple to another priest.

  5. This was never about equality, it was always about silencing, or destroying the opposition. Get ready. It doesn't get any better. Lord help us.

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