Canada: City of Nanaimo Bans Christians from Public Facilities (Video)

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NANAIMO, CANADA (Worthy News)-- Last month, the Nanaimo City Council voted to ban Christians from using public funded facilities.

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15 thoughts on “Canada: City of Nanaimo Bans Christians from Public Facilities (Video)

  1. Its in the video. one or two GLBT activists pointed out loose connection with Chick-a-Fil A (advertisers), and a speaker who believes that gayness can be altered with reparative therapy.

  2. Shalom,

    Your title caught my attention and I understand you can be fed up with this, but seeing your video concerns me even more; Not because of the topic for Biblical believers know this is just a sign of the times, but because of your hatespeech on this city council. If these people are unbelievers we ought to love them and pray for them and treat them with respect just like you would treat someone who is normal to you. But calling them bigots and idiots and clowns sounds disrespectful to me and it motivates me to do none other than to turn off your video. Unless God instructed you to do otherwise your communication [If you are a Biblical believer at all] should be respectful, but to me your video comes across as disrespectful and untasteful. Please be informed of what LORD Jesus the Christ instructed His followers to do; "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" recorded in Matthew 5:44 KJV, and; "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." recorded in Matthew 24:9 KJV. Please be informed that this is just a sign of the times, there is nothing you will be able to do about it, the best you can do is pray for these people that their souls get saved so they can go to Heaven instead of d-evil playing with their mind even further and drag them all the way to Hell.

    Sincerely God bless.

  3. Its against the law and human rights code to ban christians! Just who are these people. Christians are the history of canada and the majority of canada is 76% Christian........I happen to be one and my family is here 400 years so Im a real canadian.

  4. The absurdity of this is astounding. Christians pay taxes too & furthermore pay what they really owe. This is a case of Taxation without representation.

  5. For those who think the bible is not from God, you should read it. At least the New Testament. All this was predicted over two thousand years ago.
    These poor misguided people, so lost, so pathetic. They ignore or do not care about the tens of thousands dying from homosexual sex. Diseases spreading through promiscuity.
    The big lie about homosexuality is that they were born that way! Every homosexual knows they were seduced into it. But with Mass Media promoting the lie, everyone is moved to believe it. The Progressive Media has a lot to do with shaping people's minds. Media has always known they have this power. Media representatives have lied over and over about not setting the agenda. They do!
    Most people are simple minded and easily misled. So Progressives, Communist, have infiltrated our Universities and Media, and are shaping minds.
    Really sad about this. I hope people will find the truth someday. Homosexuals are very organized and intimidate and destroy anyone who speaks against their movement. Show they are evil, even Satanic. Expose these lies. Vote Democrats out, they are Communist.

  6. This is an extreme sad state of affairs! Is this the caliber of people that are voted into positions of leadership these days? It's a good thing that their vanity in wanting to set-up a video of their meetings has provided us with this insight. I would be ashamed to sit along side people with this sort of mindset, on a committee which determines the social agenda of any town or city. This is what your "New-Age", illiterate (with respect to knowing what other cultures or beliefs truly represent), poorly informed, but highly opinionated "group mentality" can end up doing. Nothing more dangerous than putting incompetent people in positions of leadership.

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