Arab States ask U.N. Security Council to Condemn Israel's Aggression (Video)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- Several U.N. Representatives of Islamic states will be asking the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israel's "aggression" for the second time in as many weeks.

Palestinian ambassador Riyad Mansour was joined by the ambassador from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Senegal and the League of Arab States as they called on the U.N. Security Council to act against Israel.

Qatar's Sheikha Alya Bint Ahmed Bin Saif al Thani said they were "joining in solidarity with Palestine in also deploring the acts of aggression committed by Israel, the occupying power, against the Palestinian people."

She said the aggression in the West Bank, as well as the air strikes in Gaza that had killed a child, were all grounds for the Security Council to act.

"These acts should not go without any strong reaction from the Security Council," she stated. "They are grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law."

Ron Prosor, Israel ambassador to the United Nations, denounced the Arab initiative in his press conference at the United Nations.

"Rather than denouncing this appalling attack, the Arab nations have the audacity to stand before you today and criticize Israel," he said. "Even after Palestinian [Authority] President [Mahmoud] Abbas condemned the kidnapping, the Palestinian representative did not have the courage and dignity to denounce an attack on three schoolboys."

"Hamas was never involved in terrorist acts and never will be," Prosor quoted Saeb Erekat, Palestinian Chief negotiator and leading member of Fatah.

"The Arab nations give the world mostly oppression and aggression," he continued.

"Remind me of a single innovation from an Arab nation in medicine or technology."

"The only innovation here at the UN is coming together to demonize Israel, harassing UN officials, and wasting this body’s time and resources."

While Saudi Arabia and Iran fight each other in proxy wars in Syria and Iraq, Prosor spoke of the unlikely pairing of Saudi Arabia and Iran coming together, ("Love is in the air" at the UN, he smirked), "both are creators of terrorism and radicalism in the Middle East one created Hezbollah and the other created al-Qaeda."

"Both of these countries have the audacity to accuse Israel of human rights violations," Prosor said.  "They really need a good look in the mirror," he continued.

"Iran hangs on average two people a day.  They smuggle arms to Hamas and other terrorist groups. They kill innocent civilians around the world and they are actively butchering thousands of people in Syria."

He concluded the press conference asking leaders from around the world to place themselves in Israel's position.

"Imagine if it were your cities were under fire and your citizens under harms way. No nation should live under these conditions, and no nation should be asked to submit to terrorist groups. The only responsible course of action is to denounce terror groups and their supporters. And this is exactly what we should all be doing," Prosor concluded.

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1 thought on “Arab States ask U.N. Security Council to Condemn Israel's Aggression (Video)”

  1. Shame on you Israel by protecting your citizens!
    Israel should not send troupes up Antebe to free kidnapped civilians- or free 1000 terrorists to save only 1 guy –Gilad Shalit.
    Israel should accept that the terrorists and their supporters have all the rights to kill, kidnapped , boycotted and the defending Israel should be blamed by hypostatic when defending itself.
    Or I am hypostatic by myself?

    Or should I demand Israel to lineup with the universal morals in wars of extermination and stop being a lighthouse of vales on this dark moral values world?

    2 2 apart worlds of moral values of the Palestinians and Israelis:
    -Israel protects "" life "" including the families of their enemy leaders.
    -Palestinians indoctrinates ""death"" for all Jews including children and civilians.

    Palestinians kidnapped 3 school boys.
    What is Israel response? :

    -- Clinton testimony: Palestinian indoctrination of Kids- Bombs more precious than children

    ---Human Shield Confession:
    (terrorist hiding among civilians=armies respecting war conventions cannot protect their own civilians)
    -Khalid Mash'al on Al-Jazeera

    -- A chilling demonstration of the values of the Palestinians!
    The Palestinians uploaded pictures images and words of solidarity of small children to the kidnappers of the Israeli boys.
    Some of the boy's life has been rescued by operation in Israel hospitals!
    Israel saved their life and they are supporting kidnapping of Israeli children 1111!!!!

    Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh promotes and indoctrinates the hate ideology.
    """"The day of judgment will not come until Moslems fight killing the Jews.
    "Hamas charter:

    - World Health Organization report:
    Israel approved 91.5 percent of all Palestinian applications to receive medical care within the State of Israel.
    Save a Child’s Heart, an Israeli organization, saved the lives of 3,000 children, of who half were hailing from the Palestinian Authority
    The official PA daily Al Hayat Al Jadida has recognized these facts

    - The granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment, sources in the Gaza Strip confirmed.

    -- The wife of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has been
    treated in an Israeli hospital.

    Well- I support Israel unique moral values and human being treatment to their harsh enemies.
    Proud to be an Israeli

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