Riots Break Out in Jerusalem After Arab Teen Found Dead (Video)

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Hundreds of Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza rioted on Thursday for "Nakba Day," the Arabic word for catastrophe designating the creation of the Jewish state of Israel 66 years ago, when hundreds of thousands of local Arabs left Israel at the behest of invading Arab armies.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- A Palestinian teenager from Beit Hanina, a East Jerusalem neighborhood, was reported kidnapped Tuesday night in a suspected act of revenge for the three Israeli youths found dead on Monday.

Early Wednesday morning, a burnt dead body of an Arab teenager was found in the Jerusalem Forest, leading Palestinians to believe the connection between the two, which sparked riots throughout Jerusalem. Police are investigating whether the two are connected and whether killing was 'nationalistic in nature' or part of a domestic issue such as an 'honor killing.'

The uncle of Muhammed Hussein Abu Khdeir, the 16-year-old, told "Times of Israel" that witnesses saw Abu Khdeir being forced into a gray car and identified the abductors as Jews.

Israel Army Radio reported that video footage documenting the abduction has been sent to police, and the same gray car was spotted in the area yesterday trying to kidnap a child.


Protesters threw stones as well as three pipe bombs at Security forces in Beit Hanina. In Shuafat, protesters shouted, "we will sacrifice our lives for the Shahids [martyrs]," as they burned tires, hurled stones, and shot fireworks at Israeli security forces on the scene.

Three light rail stations in East Jerusalem were vandalized as security cameras and windows were smashed.


In the Old City of Jerusalem, a peaceful protest over the murder of three Israeli youths turned violent sparking protests that led into central Jerusalem.  Protestors chanted, "Revenge," "Jewish Power," "Death to Arabs," "Mohammad is Dead," and "No Arabs, No Terror Attacks."

Police arrested 47 individuals suspected of rioting, attempting to attack Arab youth, assaulting police officers and causing damage to property.

Israeli officials closed the Temple Mount fearing riots could erupt on the fourth night of Ramadan.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked police to conduct an investigation as soon as possible to find out who was behind the "abominable murder" of the Arab teenager who was killed.

The family of slain Israeli teenager Naftali Fraenkel said it would be "horrifying and despicable" if the Palestinian youth that was murdered was connected to their son's death. "There is no difference between blood and blood, murder is murder," the family said in a statement.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat condemned the "horrible and barbaric murder." He expressed confidence in finding the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. He called on "everyone to exercise restraint."

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