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High School Student Battles Atheists

Monday, October 6, 2014 | Tag Cloud

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By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

TRENTON (Worthy News)-- A high school student in New Jersey is going to court to defend her right to publicly recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase "one nation under God."

According to Charisma News, Samantha Jones and her family filed a response to a lawsuit from an atheist group that wants to prevent public school students from reciting the entire pledge.

"When I stand up, put my hand over my heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance, I am recognizing that my rights come from God, not from the government," said Jones, a senior at Highland Regional High School. "If anyone wants to remain silent, that is their right. But it is not their right to silence me."

This is the second time that the atheists of the American Humanist Association have sued at the state level. Their first lawsuit was unanimously rejected by Massachusetts' highest court earlier this year.

"The pledge is not a religious creed or a prayer," said Kristina Arriaga, executive director of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is legally representing Jones. "It is a statement of our nation's political philosophy that rights come not from the state but from something higher—as our Declaration of Independence puts it, 'Nature's God. We are confident that the court will uphold the right to say the pledge in its entirety."

The courts have already ruled that the Pledge is a voluntary patriotic exercise that teaches American history and civics and that no schoolchild is required to recite the it.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » High School Student Battles Atheists

12 thoughts on “High School Student Battles Atheists

  1. What an idiotic response -- the atheist lawsuit would NOT stop her from adding 'under god' or any other phrase, it's only about removing it as part of the official oath. Before it was official, some people were already adding it.

  2. Should Christians salute a flag (a man made flag with a man-made salute)? I don't see in scripture where we are supposed to do that...My Bible says to trust and obey GOD, not trust and obey man.
    Betsy Ross, did a great job with the flag and it's a nice pretty flag, however it is "NOT" suppose to garner the allegiance of Christians, for our allegiance and our devoted is to be to Almighty GOD and no other.

    • "Should Christians salute a flag (a man made flag with a man-made salute)? I don't see in scripture where we are supposed to do that…"

      Then see Romans 13, esp. verse 7: "Render therefore to all their dues ...," or as Jesus said: “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's” (Matt. 22:21).

      Jehovah's Witnesses don't do this. But neither are they Christian.

    • True. I will not salute a flag. Kind of like an idol if u ask me. "Salute" the only One. Why the atheist or anyone else can not take our faith. No matter what they do with or without a flag. They think they win by changing laws, when they can not change hearts.

  3. No one should stand for nor chant the Pledge of Allegiance because it was the origin of the German socialist stiff-armed salute and that type of behavior (that is one of the amazing discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry, as described by the author Ian Tinny in the book "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

    The pledge was written by an American socialist who influenced other socialists worldwide, including German socialists, who used the U.S.'s stiff-armed gesture under their flag's notorious symbol (their symbol was used to represent crossed "S" letters for their "socialist" dogma -another of Dr. Curry's discoveries).

    The German socialist symbol was a type of cross, a "Hakenkreuz" (hooked cross); he did not call it by its popular modern name. The modern misnomer was used (and continues to be used) to cover up German socialism's origin in American Christian Socialism, via Francis Bellamy and his cousin Edward Bellamy (author of "Looking Backward" -the origin of the National Socialist movement).

    The original pledge began with a military salute that was then extended outward to point at the flag (thus the stiff-arm gesture came from the pledge and from the military salute). In practice the second gesture was performed palm-down (the classic German socialist gesture, adopted by in Germany), not palm up, and photos and film footage show that children would simply point the original military salute at the flag.

    People who only complain about two words in the pledge are strange and are missing the point.

    The pledge continues to be the source of that type of bad behavior, and that behavior was displayed by the Mayor of Winter Garden, Florida (John Rees) who had a cop expel a man from a city council meeting because the man did not stand for the pledge. No one should stand for nor chant the Pledge of Allegiance. End the pledge.

    • The Bellamy salute -- along with the Nazi salute and even the Olympic salute -- all disappeared for good after World War II.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » High School Student Battles Atheists