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KY Commish Orders Christian Company to Print Gay T-Shirts

Monday, October 20, 2014 | Tag Cloud

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By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

LOUISVILLE (Worthy News)-- A Kentucky human rights commission Tuesday ordered a Christian company to print T-shirts with pro-gay messages and undergo diversity training for declining to do so two years ago for a gay pride parade, according to Christian News.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission declared that Hands On Originals violated the Lexington Fairness Ordinance by not processing the order because of its religious convictions.

The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization of Lexington wanted T-shirts for the 2012 Lexington Gay Pride Festival, but when manager Blaine Adamson declined the order based on his biblical convictions, GLSO filed a complaint with the HRC.

"I want the truth to come out," said owner Blaine Adamson. "We'll work with anybody, but if there's a specific message that conflicts with my convictions, then I can't promote that."

During a hearing in June, GSLO representative Aaron Baker told the commission that his cleints' desire to force Christians to print pro-homosexual messages works both ways, but Blaine's co-counsel said no one should be forced to print messages that violate their own convictions.

"No one wants to live in that kind of America -- a place where people who identify as homosexual are forced to promote the Westboro Baptists and where printers with sincere religious convictions are forced to promote the message of the GLSO," said co-counsel Bryan Beauman. "In America, we don't force people to express messages that are contrary to their convictions."

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Jim Campbell agreed.

"Blaine declined the request to print the shirts not because of any characteristic of the people who asked for them, but because of the message that the shirts would communicate."

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » KY Commish Orders Christian Company to Print Gay T-Shirts

11 thoughts on “KY Commish Orders Christian Company to Print Gay T-Shirts

  1. Why can't they buy their shirt somewhere that already prints them? I'm sure this is NOT the only company in America that prints shirts. It's their business they should be able to run it as they see fit. As of this morning America was still a free country!

  2. What is happening now was been prophesied thousands of years ago saying

    "For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee." -Isaiah Isaiah 60:2

    Darkness there means = #Homosexuality, #Greed, #Terrorism, #Corruption, #Materialism #Rape ...

    What will save us from this flood of darkness is to #shine the light( the lifestyle of Christ). The lifestyle of Jesus is that light that eliminate darkness

    Why the lifestyle of Jesus is that light that eliminate darkness
    1.It is accurate
    2.It convicts others
    3.It is contagious
    4.It protects
    5. Its potent in pulling down wrong mindsets, religious lies and bad cultures
    6.It changes people internally and then they externally change to a better person

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  3. What's next, after ordering them to print sacrilegious t-shirts in support of homosexuality, will they be ordered to print sacrilegious t-shirts that support Satanism as well, or perhaps they will be ordered to print t-shirts that blaspheme the Holy Ghost? There is an attack on Christianity by being carried out by all these "human rights" hypocrites that preach and demand tolerance who then refuse to adhere to their own demands, which are mere rhetoric, and prove themselves to be the most intolerant lot.

  4. IF you expect to keep the freedom or any measure of the freedom that you have always had then you must do what you feel is right. They are standing up for what they want and adhere to and believe and others should do the same. If you are a Christian business then you can refuse the right to give service to anyone based on your own policies. I see signs all the time that say," we refuse to give services based on ? (whatever they put there). Since when is this not a free country? If we want our rights, then somebody must be willing to stand up for them.

  5. I'm so sick of these people. I'm sick of the people who agree with their life style. I'm sick of the courts that enforce political correct agenda. There are printing shops out there that are run by fags. Would they be willing to print a Christian article? I think not, and if the case went to court, the Christian would lose.

  6. What's with these governments that are turning away from the laws and traditions of FREEDOM that made America great?! The price of freedom is high and we must still fight for it, even after over 200 years of practice.

  7. What is this Nazi"esque" organization "Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission" and who gave them authority over anything?

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » KY Commish Orders Christian Company to Print Gay T-Shirts