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Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv

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(Worthy News) - If the US Congress shoots down the Iranian nuclear deal, America will eventually be pressured into a military strike against Tehran's nuclear facilities, which will in turn increase terror against Israel, US President Barack Obama told Jewish leaders Tuesday, a source who was present at the meeting said.

During the two-hour meeting, Obama said it was legitimate for opponents of the deal to lobby lawmakers to reject it, but added that a discussion focused on personal attacks, rather than the merits of the deal, could jeopardize the coherence of the American Jewish community and ultimately the resilience of US-Israel relations, according to Greg Rosenbaum, the chair of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

In a bid to convince the US Jewish community to support the deal, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden hosted 20 Jewish leaders from across the political and religious spectrum at the White House's Cabinet Room, hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged members of the Jewish Federations of North America in a video address to fight the deal. [ Source ]

Frustrated Obama tells US Jewish leaders: Stop distorting facts on Iran deal

According to participants, Obama was especially frustrated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for not allowing activists who flew in last week to lobby the extended encounter he offered with his top officials (their presentation was limited by AIPAC to 30 minutes).

Obama met the Jewish leaders as deal opponents and supporters are waging a battle for the hearts and minds of Democrats in Congress, who are the key to success or failure of a resolution of disapproval in a legislative window that closes toward the end of September. Democratic lawmakers are facing intensive lobbying and a barrage of ads from both sides. AIPAC is leading the effort to kill the deal.

"He asked people in the room, state your positions, argue them as you wish, but at least represent the facts objectively," said Robert Wexler, a former congressman from Florida who now directs the Center for Middle East Progress. "Don't misrepresent what the agreement provides." [ Source ]

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv

29 thoughts on “Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv

  1. In the best scenario, it will delay Iran's attack.
    However, it actually looks like it will hasten Iran's attack on Israel.
    Either way, Iran has left no doubts that they want Israel destroyed. It's just a matter of when.

  2. Disagree totally. Such a weak deal, Iran gets what they want and lots of money from sanctions being soon lifted and really poor inspections deal and side deals the USA and other nations know little of and Iran leaders still crying death to America and Israel

  3. Hmmm... he's disingenuously made a prediction that can't fail. At some point the Iranians (or their Hezbollah proxies) are likely to fire rockets and carry out acts of terrorism against Israel, no matter what. If it were to happen after the Iran deal were to be killed (and it would make sense that they would likely step-up attacks already in the works in reaction to such), he can say "see... I told you this would happen." It's kind of like US some diplomats before WW2 who argued for a gentle approach to Nazi Germany, saying that being firm with them would only worsen their treatment of the Jews.

  4. Don't like secrecy from a servant of the people, so I don't trust that secret agreement when our government has proven it doesn't trust the people, and has been less than truthful!

  5. The Obama is a very dangerous commie who loves fascism and to top it off, is an Islamic radical Jihadist bent on destroying America as a main puppet for the NWO / ILLUMINATI.

  6. It is ludicrous to think that giving Iran a "green light" will end well for Israel, America, and the world. Anyone who can't see that is blind.

  7. Well they are going to fall on Tel Aviv either way. Lifting this up to the Lord and leaving it in God's capable hands, amen.

  8. Israel has the capability to defend itself so why would America have to have a military strike? They took out Iraq's nuclear facilities and they can damn well do the same in Iran. I will say this once again: IT IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN IRAN'S GOAL TO DESTROY ISRAEL, Iran freely admits this. No agreement will ever change their goal. This agreement is terrible and you don't have to live in Tel Aviv to know it.

  9. That means Obama & John Kerry inviting
    damgerous situation like terrorist attacks on Israel
    and thereafter on America?

  10. Do NOT Touch ISRAEL you FOOL. I'd love to kick you you dispicable rotten SOB you will cause nukes to fly all over you brainxead ego Moran from the pit of hell...I love to see you Arrested and shot by our Military for your Treason

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv