Group wants 'God Bless the Military' sign removed

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The Supreme Judicial Court said the words "under God" in the pledge reflect patriotic practice, not a religious one. They acknowledged that the wording has a "religious tinge" but said it is fundamentally patriotic and voluntary.

By Joseph DeCaro

(Worthy News) - A group that seeks to separate Christianity from the military is now demanding the removal of a sign at a Marine base in Hawaii, according to the Christian News.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation complained to the base commander about a sign that displays: "God bless the military, their families, and the civilians who work with them."

MRFF claimed the sign violated the Constitution's Establishment Clause, i.e., "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." MRFF demanded the sign either be moved to the chapel, or removed altogether.

"This sign ... sends the clear message that your installation gives preference to those who hold religious beliefs over those who do not, and those who prefer a monotheistic, intervening God over other deities or theologies."

But retired Chaplain (Col.) Ron Crews said MRFF is misinterpreting the Constitution.

"Only someone with a great misunderstanding of the First Amendment -- or an axe to grind against religion -- would claim that such a slogan poses a threat or is in any way unconstitutional. The real threat is posed by those who want to whitewash any reference to God from public discourse: even ones as innocuous and uplifting as this one.

"'God bless our military' is a slogan little different than the official national motto -- 'In God we trust' -- that appears so publicly on our money, and the courts have repeatedly upheld it. From the founding of our country, every president, including President Obama, has called on God to bless America...."

The sign and its slogan was erected following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

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