CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia

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(Worthy News) - The Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

Current and former officials with direct knowledge of the situation say the CIA has been asked to deliver options to the White House for a wide-ranging "clandestine" cyber operation designed to harass and "embarrass" the Kremlin leadership.

The sources did not elaborate on the exact measures the CIA was considering, but said the agency had already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. Former intelligence officers told NBC News that the agency had gathered reams of documents that could expose unsavory tactics by Russian President Vladimir Putin. [ Source ]

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1 thought on “CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia

  1. Let's see:
    1. the CIA started Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and he is now the head on internet security for them.
    2. about 400 Nazi SS were incorporated into the CIA after WW2
    3. the CIA has assassinated or attempted to assassinate 26 world leader since WW2
    4. the CIA, when George Bush Sr. was heading it, has been implicated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
    5. the CIA's budget is "secret" and unknown, but the U.S. has lost $6.3 Trillion which nobody can account for. If you lost $6.3 Trillion, or even $6.3 Million, or even $6.3 Thousand of the Government's money, you may never be seem from again.


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