Brexit legal challenge: European Court of Justice has 'ultimate authority' on Article 50, British member says

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(Worthy News) - The European Court of Justice has “ultimate authority” on Brexit, its most senior British member has warned.

Advocate general Eleanor Sharpston QC told Sky News judges hearing the Government's upcoming Supreme Court appeal against a ruling that Article 50 cannot be triggered without a Parliamentary vote could refer the matter to Luxembourg.

She said the 28-member ECJ was “fully aware of the sensitivity and delicacy and constitutional importance of the issue”, adding that a European ruling could take between four and eight months in the event of a referral. [ Source ]

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3 thoughts on “Brexit legal challenge: European Court of Justice has 'ultimate authority' on Article 50, British member says”

  1. America and the World now has to pray for Great Britain against this Elite Cabal attempt to sabotage its exit from the grips of their New World Order.
    GrassRoots of the World.....UNITE! Hammer these Elites and their secret societies, their CFR and their Bilderberg and their Club of Rome and Tri-Lateral Commission and their figurehead George Soros. Hammer them, expose them into submission, ............. how about looking into their tax history, exposing their currency and stock markets manipulations!
    God ahead, Sic em, boys.

  2. Father, we know that you're Omnipotent and You're word says that You're the King above all kings and rulers. Just as Israel sinned and Jeremiah was warning them to repent. Well, Father I believe that the people in Britain see their error of joining the european union and have change their minds collectively by exiting. They are trying to break free from tyranny but there are forces trying to bring them back against their free will. I pray that You will control these forces that are known to You but unknown to us. And when You do break these great forces that You will cause the greatest revival in England they ever had. They will have a new awaking, and they will bend their knee you once again, and lead the world to You once again, . Thank you for Great Britain! We love you Jesus! Amen!

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