Democrats’ blockade of Trump imperils national security, congressional recess

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(Worthy News) - President Trump may cancel Congress‘ summer recess and demand that lawmakers stick around through August to force Democrats to confirm more of his nominees, the White House said Monday, throwing down a challenge to senators who have tried to obstruct him at nearly every turn.

Democrats have mounted filibusters on 90 percent of the president’s picks that have reached the Senate floor — much higher than the 10 percent rate that Republicans mounted for President Obama’s, the White House said.

Mr. Trump has announced 216 nominations for civilian positions. The Senate has confirmed fewer than 50. [ Source: Washington Times ]

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1 thought on “Democrats’ blockade of Trump imperils national security, congressional recess

  1. How is it that the DemocRats can block Bills when they are a minority, but the Republicans couldn't block Obamacare years ago, whey THEY were a minority? I think there's allot more RINO Republicans than we really know. John McCain is one of them.

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