Worthy Christian News » World Headlines » Moscow vows ‘retaliation’ against U.S. over sanctions vote

Moscow vows ‘retaliation’ against U.S. over sanctions vote

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(Worthy News) - The Trump White House is adamant that Moscow will change course on its public threats of diplomatic punishment over the president’s decision to approve stronger U.S. sanctions against Russia.

“As we make our intentions clear, we expect Russian behavior to change. The president and I remain very hopeful that we’ll see different behavior by the Russian government,” Vice President Mike Pence said on his way to Eastern Europe for a trip this week.

“We continue to believe that if Russia will change its behavior, our relationship can change for the good and improve for the interests in both of our countries and the interest of peace and stability in this region and around the world,” Mr. Pence told reporters while traveling on a diplomatic visit in Estonia.

But some hours after his comments, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the expulsion of over 700 American diplomats attached to the U.S. mission in Russia. [ Source:Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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Worthy Christian News » World Headlines » Moscow vows ‘retaliation’ against U.S. over sanctions vote

2 thoughts on “Moscow vows ‘retaliation’ against U.S. over sanctions vote

  1. People be handing out "sanctions" as if they do not act both ways. When we sanctioned Cuba (for example) it also meant that no US businesses (government, or individuals) could then do business with Cuba either. To sanction Iran is to sanction ourselves from doing business with Iranian entities and/or business associates (think banks) of theirs. The same each time we apply sanctions on Russia, Russians, and/or associates of theirs. Obama was big one for sanctions instead of overt actions. Think before sanctions, the USA is no longer "No. 1" in the world but in a some areas. The same can be said for France, and others, esp of the UK (it's hardly The Empire it used to be). Sanctions go two ways, and maybe more than two ways, more than just back at us.

  2. I already figured that if Russia sends the 755 CIA operatives back to the U.S., we will save a minimum of $$ 75 Million Per Year. I wonder if President Trump kinda was expecting that response from Putin.

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Worthy Christian News » World Headlines » Moscow vows ‘retaliation’ against U.S. over sanctions vote