Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'

Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'

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Brad Dacus was thousands of miles away in California last weekend when the Charlottesville protest erupted, so he was flabbergasted when CNN labeled his Pacific Justice Institute a hate group.

“Here are all the active hate groups where you live,” said the CNN wire story headline on Chicago’s WGN-TV website.

The article listed the 917 organizations on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s much-disputed “hate map,” which names racist groups like the Aryan Nation alongside mainstream conservative organizations such as the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council.

Mr. Dacus’ conservative Sacramento-based institute, which specializes in religious-liberty cases, was featured on the CNN list right below the Pacific Coast Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. [ Source (Read More...) ]

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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'

4 thoughts on “Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'

  1. Why is this surprising? This will only get worse and the people condemning American Founders and history will turn to Christians next. Watch & pray!

  2. It is a true thing that it is easier to gather a group of people around a common hatred than it is to gather then around a common love. I've sad in many a "Baptist" Women's Bible Study only to hear them all denounce local Charismatics (or worse yet, Pentecostals) then sat in a local Five-Fold Apostolic group listening then to them make comments how the Baptist's (I once sat with) were probably not even saved, and on and on it goes.

    In the newest movement, Messianic and/or Hebraic, it fractures over and over again for the same reason and by the same pattern. Hatred makes fond fellows of them round common hatred.

    But it's not just the religious. The Southern Poverty Law Center makes lists of whom they hate, it's them they believe hate others. And often they are right and those who work to start and fight in a domestic race war need to be outed.

    The problem is where to draw the line.

    Charlottesville seems where the line should be. That is, at the point where the violence began, no matter who started it, law enforcement was there and should have put a stop to it. That's what they get paid for. Then, due process of law for the doers, again, no matter who that is. Also, it's not just the racists that got violent. What's good for the goose....justice should be blind.

    Did anyone notice that the White Nationalists used the tactic now a fave in the UK? By radical Islamics? People should take note that it's not just ISIS that's studying war lately.

  3. I wonder why conservative groups even pay attention to what the Left says. I don't. I didn't believe their polls that said Hillary was going to win the election, I don't believe their polls that say Trump is losing popularity, I don't believe their News stories, and I don't TV News Networks..........
    Why do people get so upset when they hear all these lies. I don't

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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'