Solar Eclipse Evangelism: Jesus Blocks God's Judgment Like the Moon Blocks the Sun

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(Worthy News) - A Christian ministry is using Monday's eclipse to share the love of Christ with thousands.

Rev. Harrell Riley conceived SolQuest17 as a kind of Gospel festival during the eclipse to bring others to Christ.

Some 2,000 people have shown up on the farm near Princeton, Kentucky, to watch the solar event. When they arrive they find an army of volunteers ready to help them set up their trailers and bring them water.

"People have been blown away by the graciousness of people. The free water and those kinds of things, which has given the avenue for us to be able to share the Gospel," he told CBN News via Skype from the event.

About 20 people have responded to the one-on-one evangelism, presentations by a science ministry explaining how the design of the universe provides overwhelming evidence of a Creator, and talks from a member of Ravi Zacharias Ministries.  [ Source (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Evangelism: Jesus Blocks God's Judgment Like the Moon Blocks the Sun”

  1. Or perhaps as the Sun signifies the nations other than the nation (and State of) Israel and the moon, Israel, it means that once again, as it did in 1979, it portends a pandemic, as well as Israel eclipsing the nations of the world. Sadly, the moon was black while doing so. Not sure what that part means but it doesn't sound good.

    Meanwhile, what's Obama up to? Anyone keeping track of him? He sure isn't done using the world and helping globalism and himself, and Islam, yet.

  2. Opps, the pandemic came with the last all American eclipse in 1918. God's use of the moon (symbolizing Israel) to block out the Sun means something significant, beside it foretelling a new pandemic. But then the CDC and WHO have both been foretelling that. Could be this year. Check your prepping websites, folks. Even the State of Alaska has dehydrated foodstuffs stockpiled.

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