Trump prepares to wound Iran deal — and then save it

(Worthy News) - Donald Trump’s national security team has unanimously recommended that he decertify the Iran nuclear deal — but that he stop short of pushing Congress to reimpose sanctions on Tehran that could unravel the agreement.

Trump’s team plans to work with Congress and European allies to apply new pressure on the Iranian regime, according to a strategy developed in an Iran policy review led by national security adviser H.R. McMaster. But the strategy assumes the nuclear deal will remain intact for now.

The deliberations ahead of an Oct. 15 deadline to certify Iran’s compliance with the deal, a centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy agenda, were described by a half-dozen sources inside and outside the administration who have participated in the internal debate. [ Source: Politico (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Trump prepares to wound Iran deal — and then save it”

  1. Trump's plans and much of US "sanctioning" hardly "wounds" Iran or N. Korea or Russia, or Putin, etc.

    It's as if any one of us decided to sanction 3 of the other people in our neighborhoods. Like we do business with them anyway? Well, maybe they did once do business with us, look at who N. Korea, Iran, Russia, etc have had to turn to (and to whom they've turned to) instead of the USA.

    Iran isn't going to be "wounded" by Trump failing to certify them. They've expected and planned for that inevitability all along.

    I seriously doubt Iran intends to recertify with the USA ever again. That too, was their plan. That's why Obama sold us all, down the road by giving in, and giving too, Iran, so much money and license.

    No wonder Israel was screaming then, and now, about Iran.

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